I know James Bond is immoral, but why am I attracted to it as entertainment?

James Bond movies are immoral,

They openly promote a hedonistic “single” lifestyle, specifically in the explotation of vunrable women, they contain action violence, promote a lyfestyle of “espionage”(read ‘lies’), and are nothing but fantasy.

Why do they appeal to people? Why do I sometimes sit and watch them?

Bad taste:cool:

Loss of a sense of sin or plain forgetfulness, methinks.

I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the films. Bond has slept with numerous women, but the one he was actually in love with was killed tragically. He doesn’t seem to be very happy.

That’s not to say that I think Flemming had intended the Bond novels to be super-subtly pro-Christian. I’m just saying, don’t be so quick to judge!

Espionage is in the Bible too - see Rahab and the spies.

Maybe because he saves the world a lot.

There are negative aspects to the films as you pointed out, but if we only liked what was good for us, little kids would beg for spinach and loathe soda…

They’re entertaining and exciting! And, at their best, witty. (“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”)

I have very mixed feelings about my own liking for Bond movies. I don’t think it’s a serious sin, but you’re right that there are probably better things to watch (or better yet, read). But it shouldn’t be surprising that some of us find them enjoyable.


I feel that it’s on the same lines as the Harry Potter movies.

They are not sinful in and of themselves to watch. UNLESS watching the movies tempts you to do things such as commit fornication or adultery (or in the case of Harry Potter, witchcraft and wizardry).

The best thing you can say about them is that they’re adolescent male fantasies, all about saving the world, escaping certain death, being a ladies’ man, and winning at cards. At least Bond does what he does with a certain amount of panache, because he’s British.

I suppose in the old days this kind of entertainment would end with Bond getting his just deserts for what he’s done, like Don Giovanni at the end of Mozart’s opera. Still, despite a certain level of amorality, 007 is supposed to be one of the good guys, right?

I read Ayn Rand’s “Romantic Manifesto” recently, and was pleasantly surprised at her insights about art and literature*.

She actually mentions James Bond and points out the how the popularity of action/detective/thriller stories is evidence that the human spirit desperately needs stories about heroes, and that this genre is one of the last remaining places where people are able to recognize some semblance of a hero.

*Yes, I disagree with the ultimate conclusions of her philosophy, but it’s very interesting that even an atheist who believes in the existence of objective truth can recognize how twisted modern culture is.

The reason she thinks it’s twisted is because people give to charity. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha :smiley:

As I said, I disagree with her ultimate conclusions.

But the main point of that particular book is that art is tied to philosophy, and bad philosophy results in poisonous art. Modernist, relativistic philoshopy creates a culture in which the concepts of goodness, truth, and beauty are mocked, which leads to art which denigrates the human spirit. And art should lift up the human spirit and encourage us toward an ideal.

So we grab onto movies like James Bond because what we really need to see is a good guy fighting and winning against evil, and this is the closest thing we can get from Hollywood :wink:

because there good movies and in my opinion u should just sit back and enjoy. (i highly doubt u will turn into a spy/player any time soon)

I love the James Bond “world,” and I have three sets of the novels because I read them so often that they wear out.

For anyone who has problems with the movies, read the novels. Movies can’t show the inner man. In the novels, we experience James Bond’s emotions. I think many of us identify with these emotions. Our sins are perhaps not so spectacular, as most of us don’t sleep with people that we don’t love, and most of us don’t kill people or gamble thousands of pounds, or smoke 60 cigarettes a day. But we still sin, and we can totally identify with how James Bond feels and thinks before, during, and after his sins.

Basically what Ian Fleming did was hyperbole. Bond does the same things we do, both good and bad, but his life is an exaggerated version of a real life. Musicals do this, too–none of us burst into song when we meet the one we love! But we can identify with the feelings of the characters.

Bond is “bigger than life,” and that’s why we love the movies and books. We all have a sense that there is much more to life than what we experience daily. (Christians recognize that there is a spiritual realm that is even more active and wonderful than our lives.) We all want to live life to the fullest, rather than drift through our days until we die. Bond challenges us to get out there and start living–write that novel, climb that mountain, paint that picture, learn to dance, take that vacation, have that party, buy that gift, quit that boring job and go back to school, etc.

I think one of the biggest appeals of the movies is heroism. This comes across so well in the novels and in the earlier movies. This man is willing to do ANYTHING for his Queen and his country and for the helpless, and to see justice done. He suffers terrible physical tortures, and the mental tortures are even worse.

I compare him to Sherlock Holmes, another British creation. Both men are almost inhuman in their excesses (for Holmes, the “excess” is extreme aestheticism). But they do it all for others, to right wrong and bring about justice. We love heroes.

Exactly! :thumbsup:

Any movie or book that makes us excited to go out and live more is overall a very good thing. :slight_smile:

ya not a sucker for hot men, are ya ??

that is…if you’re a woman :smiley:

Hot men? Daniel Craig has a face like a bus wreck. I’m amazed he got the job.

Haven’t seen any of his, I’d have to look away from the screen when he’s on it-- sort of like radio.

ha, ITA.

We took our little baby to her first movie and saw Quantum of Solace for our wedding anniversary date.

I really like deving into characters a bit more than what is presented on the screen. It’s interesting to see how things came to be, and watching these newer Bond movies offers more “insight.”

Sin is sin, yes, but understanding the little nuances is interesting.

Remember, even God wanted to know why Adam and Eve ate that apple. :thumbsup:

I don’t think it’s sinful to watch. It’s just fiction and as long as the viewer keeps it fiction then it is fine to watch. I’ve seen all of them however I can’t help but be disappointed in the last two in some way. I liked them however the series has changed quite a bit. Never was 007 extra super human. Granted he could always take a good beating, but he never was jumping buildings they he does now. Another disappointment is the music. Usually the song reflects the movie title however the last two haven’t. Not too mention it was never this “punkish”. And God only knows where Moneypeney is at. Also they didn’t really play the bond music until the very end. I wish they would return to more of a traditional theme however the youth nowadays could care less about tradition. I dunno I digress.

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