I know we're not all doctors here


…but I was wondering if anyone knows how I would be able to naturally maintain my 'coffee personality.'
I drink coffee when I get to work and for about a half hour I’m bright-eyed, friendly and smiley to the customers causing them to respond with a smiliar mood. But then the coffee slowly fades from my system and I’m tired, serious and almost depressed. I would like to see a doctor about it but I thought maybe some people here would have a few tips. :wink:


**Wean yourself from the caffeine, get enough sleep, and eat nutritiously:thumbsup: **

Wish I could give you an easier answer, but you’ve got some hard work ahead of you.



Yup. Caffeine does a lot of unhealthy things to the body. Try making sure you are well hydrated. Dehydration leads to sluggish thinking, among other things, and can affect your level of alertness.



I switched to decaf except on weekends. And I also added St. John’s Wort to my daily supplements.



I kicked my caffeine habit. Here’s what I’d suggest, in all of my non-doctorly wisdom:

Don’t go cold-turkey. Cut back incrementally, every day or two, so that you don’t get headaches. This means you should try to have an exact idea of how much caffeine (from all sources, coffee, chocolate, soda, etc.) you intake & when.

Sometimes it’s the whole “ritual” of drinking coffee that’s hard to quit. So instead of cutting out coffee, try substituting de-caf instead. You can do this incrementally as well.

Make a plan to quit when you’ll be able to get more sleep. You’ll need it, and if you’re w/o caffeine but have to stay up late to finish a project, or go on a roadtrip, it’s not going to work. (If you’re female, don’t plan to do this right before your period.)

Drink extra water, especially before bed. Go to bed early if you’re tired, even if it’s 8pm & you’re usually up til 11. Eat small healthy meals & exercise. Take vitamin supplements.

It’ll feel like all of this isn’t working for a week or so, and then you’ll start to feel human.

As for how to stay “bright-eyed” post-caffeine withdrawal, I think you’ll find that a good workout will give you the same results.

Good luck!


JUST my personal opinion, not a suggestion:

St John’s Wort caused me some problems…

I got off caffiene for about 3 months once and I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ALL the time without it.

I’m back on the caffiene now (why???) :slight_smile: but I feel more energetic when I take my daily B Complex supplement.



Not a coffee drinker, but my dr. once suggested the best way to avoid sluggish days is to eat protein in the morning (mostly a protein breakfast) and carbs at dinner. I also heard that a crisp apple gives more energy and perks a person up better than coffee.


Anyone who has ever gone cold turkey off caffeine will tell you that the headaches are UNBELIEVABLE!!! Piercing pain, mood swings, sensitivity to light and noise and head movement. It’s just horrific.

I would wean VERY slowly!! And then you will have to be aware of everything that has caffeine: chocolate, soda, tea, even some aspirins all have caffeine in them. It is a very addictive substance and having a little bit may cause you to want more.

Eating protein in the morning will help tremendously, as would a little exercise. Orange juice mid-morning would help a lot also.

I’m not a huge fan of St. John’s Wort, but I would make sure that you’re getting your RDA of B-complex vitamins.

I had this problem, not with coffee, but with Mt. Dew. It’s hard, but you won’t believe how much better you’ll feel once you’re off the stuff! :slight_smile:

Good luck and God bless,



I did notice one thing though…one time I had a bottle of water and it gave me similar results. Not quite the spark and joy that coffee gives me but almost the same thing that felt more natural without the 30 minute later plummit.


Oh, yes, water is great! I’m a total monster when I’m dehydrated. I’m tired, and irritable and snappy.

Also, someone else recommended eating well and sleeping well. These are mostly matters of self-discipline, which unfortunately is waaaay harder than drinking coffee all day. A balanced diet and appropriate use of nutritional supplements can be useful. There are a lot of resources out there that help you plan your meals. Minimize things that are high in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates (simple carbs occur in processed sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, white flour). This means cut back on heavy, greasy, or sugary junk foods, and eating more whole grains, veggies, etc. I’m not suggesting these silly fad diets that completely eliminate any of the above, but a common sense approach of moderation in all things. My husband and I both feel a lot better when we do this, and our doctors have endorsed this course of action as well. For women, balanced diet is doubly important, because it affects our hormone balance.

As for sleep, get it consistently. Have you ever been around a tired, cranky baby? Fatigue makes adults just as cranky. The big difference is that we don’t have a tantrum about it…as much. :slight_smile:


Drink plenty of (caffeine free) liquids!!
Coffee is a diuretic; even the decaf will cause you to lose more fluid than it contains, so when you drink coffee, you are constantly in need of more fluids in your body.
Personally, I have foun d that drinking a lot of juice in the morning helps me to start the day well hydrated, & I have problems maintaining hydration, even without coffee to exaberate things…
As long as you keep well hydrated, & don’t try to stop caffeine too suddenly, you can do it!!


Someone else kinda mentioned this already, but here goes.

There is a few studies out there that have linked a “craving for caffiene rich” foods to a serious vitamin B deficiency.

B deficiencies are linked to several disorders, including depression, fatigue, etc…

I started taking a B supplement and feel great. Haven’t felt this good in years. Give it a shot. Cheap and risk free.


I know many people have already said this, but wean yourself SLOWLY. I went cold turkey and not only the horrible headaches but I thought I had the FLU! Come to find out it was a result of my quitting coffee.:eek:

The reason you are feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed because of your morning coffee is because of you’re addiction. Over night your body begins to go into withdrawel from caffeine and you wake up like that and feel badly (because of your caffeine addiction) and need to drink coffee to stop feeling badly because you drink coffee.:confused:
I don’t have any advice to add as to how to quit, except someone mentioned Hot Chocolate to me as a way to wean. It has less caffeine than coffee and still has that “warm cup o’ joe” feeling. It is kind of substituting but could be useful as a stepping stone.

God bless your endeavors towards a healthier life.


:rotfl:** I just has to laugh at this! Anyone who has seen even ONE of my many posts about our first baby knows that she is chronically cranky which makes me chronically overtired which makes me chronically cranky…**

adults aren’t supposed to have tantrums?:o oops, didn’t know that, lol…



**If you are trying to wean yourself slowly off of coffee, try Jolt gum.One piece equals half a cup of coffee…plus i like the fact that i don’t have horrible breath afterward since its mint flavor.

As a Video Editor i spend lots of nights having to stay up till 2 am or later to meet a deadline and the Jolt gum usually works well. I don’t like how jittery coffee makes me (maybe because i don’t get straight coffee always a mocha or something else of the same)

Green tea is supposed to work too, but just make sure its not decaf. I find that it works ok. The mornings that i actually get up on the treadmill i notice that i have a little more energy too:)**


if i’m not mistaken, jolt gum has caffeine, too.

Sugar isn’t so great, either. If you go the juice route (as a previous poster mentioned she does) keep an eye on the sugars you consume. Too much of that can lead to dehydration and other things, too.


Really? I’ve never had that problem (and I have been drinking coffee daily since I was 7). For Lent last year, I gave up ALL caffinated goods. The only withdrawl I had was when I accidentally drank a cup of green tea, and got a mild headache. I think I’m desensitized to caffine at this point.

And as a sidenote, you want to know what makes me more cranky than not getting my 5 hours of sleep? Finals. :yup:



I was just about to say watch out with the juice… if you’re watching your weight cut the juice with water!


Isn’t there a thing with vitamins though in that it takes MONTHS to see any results? That’s what my grandmom told me. I do take vitamin b when I remember too but I always assume that it’s not going to do much for a good while.


Coffee puts you into an altered state, it’s the caffeine. Fortunately I think that you’re tired and depressed as a result of ‘coming down’ from a coffee high, which means that it’s probably not your natural state.
I hate to tell you this but you probably need to give up coffee.
Maybe try some orange juice and a good breakfast with some kind of protein.
And drink water while you’re trying to kick the coffee habit.
As a person who loves coffee I, again, hate to tell you this.

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