I left the Tabernacle uncovered


So, I went to adoration planning on being there for 15 minutes but about 5 minutes in the two other people left. After being in adoration for 20 minutes no-one came in. I didn’t know what to do if no-one came but I had to leave. Will I get in trouble for leaving the Tabernacle uncovered and alone?


I’m sure there was a priest or someone else in attendance to care for the Tabernacle. You’re fine.


I don’t suppose you’ll get into trouble, though it’s the kind of thing that can vary from parish to parish. Tell someone what happened and ask what the rule is, so that next time you can be certain you’re doing the right thing.


Don’t make a habit of this. The Eucharist is to be covered when no one is there. Leaving the Eucharist exposed and ya’ll might just lose your Chapel. Happened here this summer. No more Adoration chapel for our town because it was found to be left vacant and exposed too many times.


No, you won’t get in trouble. I have had the same experience and God hasn’t smite me yet. It is best to cover the tabernacle if you can but the Lord knows your heart and intentions. Do mention this to Father to ease your heart. Peace.


Ok I’m not Catholic so I wasn’t sure what to do.


Perhaps check with someone in authority in the parish on what you should do, especially if you’ll be spending more time there in the future.


In my parish there is always a priest nearby when there is adoration. I’ve never heard of leaving the lay people to handle it themselves.


Take the advice from the other posters. And, I don’t think God Himself was in any great danger because no one was there to “protect” him. You’re fine, (and if you are not Catholic, to be admired for your concern)


If a parish has perpetual Adoration, it’s impossible for a priest to ‘baby-sit’ Our Lord at all times.


In perpetual Adoration Chapels there is some process in place for covering/veiling/closing the monstrance by the laity when they have no adorer in the room.


I have never heard of a parish having perpetual adoration. LOL. I’m learning so much.


The Adoration Chapel has a code so it should be fine…Should I apologize to the priest before mass Sunday?


Call the parish office and let them know. They know who heads the adorers committee.

Father is super busy after Mass :slight_smile:


Tabernacle or monstrous?




So your parish’s Tabernacle has a veil, and you left it off, but the Blessed Sacrament was not exposed?


We have weekly Adoration with Him in the Tabernacle which is closed & locked as it normally is. If we have Him exposed Father puts a sheet out and every hour MUST have at least 2 people signed up to be there or he won’t do it. We’ve never done the covering & uncovering but if exposed He should never be left alone. Like they said here just ask and see what should be done if this happens again.


I know some parishes have perpetual adoration so there is supposed to be someone there at all times. That’s not always possible so those who might have to leave the chapel empty usually know to cover the monstrance or repose the luna in the tabernacle.

I haven’t been in a parish with perpertual adoration, we simply have adoration before every Mass. But I am old enough to remember 40 Hours Devotion where Jesus was exposed in the monstance on the altar around the clock for 40 hours. I remember being left alone in the church when I was in my early teens. I didn’t know the protocol and I may have left before someone else came in.

I remember that episode vividly because that’s when I got my hands on a real Bible for the first time. I went to the sanctuary and retrieved the Bible that was enthroned in front of the ambo and read Leviticus. I felt guilty taking it down but I sooo wanted to read a real Bible. Until then my experience had been limited to a book of biblical stories for adults, containing the story of Absolom among others.


Errr… ‘monstrance’.

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