I lied, was this venial?


My dad has been working in a different state for over two months now. Anyways, this guy was calling our home and we didn’t pick up. My mom didn’t want to pick because she wasn’t sure what to tell the guy. She is worried that he wants to get in contact with my dad so they can gamble on the football games.

My mom told me that next time, I should pick up and tell the guy that my dad doesn’t have a phone and that he’s working in another state. Well the guy called and at first I didn’t want tp pick up and then I did and lied. Then I felt bad for lying. Also when my dad calls and asks if anyone asked for him, I’ll have to keep on lying and say no.

Perhaps the guy doesn’t want to gamble, but we think that it’s usually for some “money” reason that he’s calling my dad and we don’t want to take the chance that my dad will start gambling. My dad would likely be gambling if could.


What a tough situation. First of all you mom should not be putting you in the middle of this. If she wants to lie that is her business. If I were you I would not pick up anymore and let your mom deal with it which ever way she sees fit.

You are not responsible for keeping your dad’s gambling problem at bay. That is a marriage issue for your mom and dad, and your mom needs to deal with it like a mature married woman. Trust me I know what it’s like to be pulled in the middle. Now that I’m married and and have a daughter of my own I can’t believe how rediculous and selfish it was for my parents to put me in the middle of their issues. Even now that I’m in my 30s my mom still tries to drag me into their conflicts, and my dad on occasion does too.

Considering you were pressured into lying I would say it is venial. I would recommend seeing your priest for guidance on how to deal with this issue in the future. God Bless!


This may have been venial, and it may have been mortal. I have been told that it is a good practice to confess even sins that we think of as venial.

I would bring it up in confession anyway.


Hi there,

The poster that said you shouldn’t be put in the middle is correct.
However, at the same time, lying is not good either. I’d talk to
your priest, and confess this. As well, it is a good idea not to
answer the phone. If you have caller id, you can weed out his
annoyance calls. You can also block incoming annoyance
calls by asking your phone company if the have call bclock.
If it was my situation, I would be politely telling my mother I
wont answer the phone, and Iam not getting involved in this
matter. Tell the truth at all times lying is a bad idea, and it
doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run.It only makes things
worse. Ask your priest for advice. Ask him what you can do
about this situation. I hope it works out for you!


Thanks for your opinions. Next time my mom will handle this on her own. Thanks.


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