I like a Jehova Witness


IMO that is off-topic here but even Protestants did not get Jesus mixed up with the Archangel Michael. There is no precedent for that.


Eh…maybe, but I wouldn’t say it definitely will happen. It depends on the couple. We have had zero issue with our kids and me not being Catholic.


I keep posting his videos ad nauseum, but he delivers the messages well. Plus, his demeanor helps to deliver them better than plain text does.:slightly_smiling_face:


I usually don’t mind his videos, but as a couple in a mixed marriage we’re not fans of this video. I find it kind of outlandish and it makes it sound like my wife made an “unwise” decision.


I’m glad to know that Providence allowed you to be raised Catholic. But you are an exception. I hope you are aware of it…

I said what the Church teaches actually. She doesn’t recommend catholics marrying non-catholics (although she tolerates it sometimes).


It happens most of the time.

I wonder whether you trully allow your marriage partner to raise your kids 100% catholic. You should wonder yourself…


Step One: Convert this person… (I’m going to get flack for this again I expect)

Technically, you can get a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic. It’s just generally a really bad idea.


It happens most of the time? Is that opinion, or is there a peer reviewed study that can be shared?

We’ve been together nearly 20 years, I have nothing to wonder about.:wink:


Actually, the Protestant denomination the Seventh Day Adventists have been teaching that Jesus is the Archangel Michael, since close to the beginning of the denomination. This is what their chief prophet, Ellen G. White taught. Though she taught that Jesus, the Archangel, is God. So Seventh Day Adventists teach that the Archangel is part of the Trinity.
Charles T. Russell, the founder of the International Bible Students Association, changed this a little, he taught that the Archangel was not God, but the first creation of God. So he taught that God is one, and not 2 or 3 persons. And after he died in 1916, most of them followed Rutherford, and he started changing doctrine, and one day he changed the name to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. But he did not change the basic doctrines about Jesus. So the JW’s have inherited their doctrine about this from Russell. And Russell himself built on the Adventist precedent of calling Jesus the Archangel. But how widely is this believed among the Adventist denominations, outside the SDA, I am not really informed. So it is possible that Russell got this idea from some other Adventists, rather than the SDA.


No, you misunderstood. Neither Providence nor anything else allowed me to be raised Catholic. I did not even know my Father was Catholic, until I was 15, after we escaped from Czechoslovakia. We were in a refugee camp in Austria, and the issue came up since my sister, who was then 9 years old, started coming to lessons taught by a Catholic priest, who was Czech. She requested permission to be baptized, our father was OK with that, but our mother said no way. So she was not baptized. I personally did not get any deep knowledge of Christianity until we came to America, and then one day two Jehovah’s Witnesses came, and then one of them started coming regularly, gave us Bibles, and was teaching us about the Bible and about their doctrines. So that sparked my deep interest in the Bible and in religions in general.


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