I Like Being Catholic - How About You!

Earlier this year I gave a speech to a group of parishioners at Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Faribault, Minnesota. At the end of my talk the organizer of the event, Justin Stroh, grabbed his guitar and led the group in a rousing rendition of a song that he wrote, called I Like To Be Catholic. I was so surprised and pleased by the song. It immediately became the unofficial theme song of LoveToBeCatholic.com. After much begging and pleading, Justin’s friend Brad posted a music video of the song on LoveToBeCatholic.com. Now I wish to share this fun uplifting song with you. Here is the link:


Thanks for sharing, Catholici. Would you happen to have the lyrics to the song?


I sent that link to a friend of mine who is a youth minister.

Justin in Sydney at WYD. When he returns I’ll ask him for the lyrics.

I am the composer of that song!

Email me for more info.


Nice work, Justin.

Thank you! Let’s continue to utilize every gift to build up the Body of Christ. There are many more converts waiting to be invited to join us.


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