I like the "self-help" books out there. Are there any Catholic "self-help" books you could reccomend?

Thank you very much. Self-help books can be neat, but I would like a book with a Catholic perspective.

The Bible - the best self-help book I know :smiley:

Matthew Kelly - Catholic, and has a wide range of books. I bought his “Rythm of Life” for co-workers a few years ago.

Without knowing what sort of “help” you are looking for, it’s hard to know how to answer, but I have found a couple of good Catholic authors:

Gregory Popcak – “Life Shouldn’t Look Like This” (helps you determine what is bothering you and how to address it)

Fr. Benedict Groeschel – any of his titles, but perhaps “Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones”

I might also note that some secular self-help authors are compatible with the Faith. As I posted in another thread here recently:

Frankly, if you’re looking for good books on anxiety and depression (as I have done for many years), I could recommend at least one book – and one strategy – that is far more useful [than “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”]. The book, which I am working through now, is “Getting Your Life Back: The Complete Guide to Recovery from Depression,” by Jesse H. Wright, M.D., and Monica Ramirez Basco, Ph.D. It offers common-sense theory and practical exercises five “keys,” including a spiritual key, and I am finding that the keys are just as useful for anxiety as for depression.

Furthermore, the “thought” key uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which I first learned about six years ago (while seeng a good Catholic psychologist) and which helped me through a really rough time. Basically, the theory is that your thoughts – not events and other people – control your feelings, and since your negative feelings are often the result of **inaccurate **negative thoughts, you can feel better and live better by training yourself to replace inaccurate negative thoughts with more accurate, positive ones. The books we used at the time were by Dr. David Burns and they are still in print. The most useful one was a workbook entitled (somewhat inaccurately, in my opinion) “Ten Days to Self-Esteem.” I think, though, that “Getting Your Life Back” distills the best of Burns’ work and adds considerably more useful information, so I would recommend starting there.

Best wishes!

I am an omivorous reader, but I don’t like self help books. With one exception - I love Father Benedict Groeschel’s books. They are so full of good common sense. I highly recommend him.

A favorite priest of mine called it "Life’s Instruction Manual"

Bert Ghezzi, the Angry Christian, Getting Free (from addictions and harmful habits) and other titles are very good.

Fr. Groeschel is tops of course because as a psychologist he grounds those insights with biblical and doctrinal bases.

on catholicexchange.com is a link to a wealth of resources on family finance and financial planning, also several titles from our Sunday Visitor.

don’t exactly know how you define self-help so I am reaching here.

Dr. Ray Guarendi for parenting advice, any of his books are great

Thoughts Matter & also Tools Matter for the Spiritual Life by Margaret Funk OSB is excellent guide to the spiritual life, but by extension her advice on “thoughts” --barriers to healthy happy living–apply to all life situations.

Time Management for Catholics by Dave Durand, should be the first self-help book for any Catholic serious about conforming his own life to the Gospels.

The Life-giving Way by Esther DeWaal on applying the Rule of St Benedict to daily life in the world applies the wisdom of the Church to all aspects of life.

and of course, tops is St.Therese, Story of a Soul where she describes the Little Way – to make all life problems, disappointments and hurts opportunities to grow in holiness.

I second that! Anything by Fr. Groeschel or Gregory Popcak is excellent! :thumbsup:

This author is excellent. Another great book by Matthew Kelly is “Perfectly Yourself - 9 Lessons for Enduring Happiness”. I’d really recommend it. It’s a great read and you will learn alot from it and be truely inspired.:slight_smile:

I am starting up a blog called “Catholic Self-Help”. I am also in the process of writing a book (Can’t tell you the title yet!)

My blog is here: catholicselfhelp.blogspot.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages/Catholic-Self-Help/306546819409230

God Bless You All,

Matthew S. MacLennan, BSc Hons., BEd

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