I like this boy and I need help? :)


Hi guys. Yeah, I know this is a peculiar question on these forums, but I think I would like an answer that has a Catholic perspective. So without further adoo…
So I’ve known this guy since the beginning of the school year. He’s a junior and I’m a Sophomore. We always talk and my friends kept thinking that I liked him at the time, but I didn’t. I guess, as I got to know him better, I began to like his personality. He’s really nice, polite, generous, and a really good friend. I get excited when I see him and I am happy when we message each other on facebook. He’s even Catholic, but isn’t all that into church, but I invite him to youth group which he plans to attend soon. I have this longing to help him to grow in his faith and help him make Jesus the center of his life. Even if I like his personality, I haven’t been attracted to his looks. I mean he’s a little cute, but I’m not so into his looks, just his personality. I asked myself how I would feel if he got a girlfriend, and I realize that I would feel jealous. Heck! I actually do feel jealous when he talks with other girls, which makes everything complicated. What should I do? I don’t know if I should date him, but I know I wouldn’t be pleasant if he is with another girl.
I just thought of this and probably pray about it and see what God has in his plan.


You don’t need help, you just need time to get to know your friend more. Keep things at a cool level and see how things flow. It is amazing how life gore on whilst you are writing in your journal. Good luck in all the fun of youth.


What should you do? Be friendly, but don’t expect too much. Teenaged boys are not looking for the love of their life. Especially, don’t get overly hopeful that he will become a more serious Catholic. Women have this tendency to think that they can change men into what they want. It is a great act of charity to invite him to Catholic youth activities.


Indeed, this leads to so much frustration. Though St Rita of Casia did succeed. :thumbsup: it was a long, abusive marriage which ended in the death of her husband and later her two sons.:frowning:

As for the OP, time is on your side. Give yourself time to enjoy being yound, but above that discern what is your calling in life. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you through that discernment. My mom said that she prayed for that discernment, she eventually met my dad and they were married for 50 years until her death last year. :slight_smile:

I will pray for your intention.


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