I like this girl but she is a witch

Get the heck outta there. Then lose her number.


You need to stand your ground and turn her down as you would do with anyone you have no interest in dating, for whatever reason. People can be nice and polite and good looking and smart and still not be someone one we should date.

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Lit candles isn’t that bad. My mom did it a lot when I was a kid. She was also a witch. I’d have to be lucky for it to work out. My mom and dad pulled through…even though my mom was a witch and my dad was an actual practicing Catholic.

She gets the hint, but is still not giving up.

No, I first met her and I never told her about my faith. She soon had a crush on me and after, I told her that I’m a Catholic and I do go to mass regularly. She didn’t care. She still likes me and even more so now.

Yeah but she doesn’t care if I’ll turn her down…she’ll keep insisting. But I’ll keep trying

Yeah, I also don’t want problems with her friends. They’ll make me look like the bad guy for ignoring her and trying to get rid of her.

Are you flattered by this?

Lonely, and that’s why you’re settling for a compromised and spiritually dangerous situation?

I’m not asking to insult you (and you don’t have to answer on this public web forum). I’m not asking for my own curiosity; I don’t need to know.

I’m only asking in case it might benefit you to look at your own motives from a new perspective and consider what is it about this person that fascinates you, and are you really being charitable to her by considering staying in her proximity as a ‘friend’ (basically missionary friendship if not missionary dating), or is your underlying motive more related to wanting to find an excuse to stay in her company because, as you mentioned in your first post, you like her (I’m taking to mean, find her attractive in various ways), even if you wistfully acknowledge a romance doesn’t seem wise?

If your motive is loneliness and feeling flattered by the interest shown by someone you find attractive, I can’t say “run” melodically enough.

There will be sweet, kind, chaste Catholic girls in your future. In the meantime pursuing something else will only postpone that future.


Never said I was flattered. I’m just saying what’s happening.

Again, I’m not asking you to answer publicly, and it isn’t an insult.

It’s normal and human to feel flattered when someone else finds us attractive and pursues us. Especially when it’s someone we, ourselves, like.

My only point is that because it’s so normal, most of us have experience with it. And know that it can be a danger zone that trips us towards traps we’d otherwise evade more successfully.

K. I would feel flattered if she wasn’t into witchcraft.

Then it’s really her problem, not yours.

Honestly, you sound as if you are thinking about dating her and want an okay from people here.

All you need to do is continue to let her know you are not interested.

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Then tell her in NO UNCERTAIN terms there can be NOTHING between you two.

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Will do. (:

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