I love Celtic music!

Okay, call me a sissy, but I love the Celtic music channel on my Pandora subscription!

I have to do most of the kitchen work (meal prep and cleanup) in our household, and when I do, I set up my computer and some speakers and tune in. It’s such a nice distraction to have the pipes and the flutes skirling and the sweet sopranos singing to me in English, Gaelic, and sometimes Latin.

And I’m not even Irish! :irish2:

Yah! Me too! The music that is…

Why in the world would that make you a sissy? (Stereotype alert) That music has been the soundtrack to many a drunken brawl!

Seriously though, I love Celtic music, too. I even enjoy Celtic Woman (now you can call ME a sissy!) :smiley:

Everyone likes Celtic music. Celtic music is pleasant to listen to and can be both relaxing and energizing.

My Celtic music collection is the largest collection of music I have on my computer – something like 14 hours of music!

Altan, The Chieftains, the Bradley Brothers, Old Blind Dogs, Cherish the Ladies…

I love that the music can be so upbeat and playful, it just demands that you move when you hear it. And yet it can also be so filled with sorrow and longing. The Celts certainly use the full range of life experiences in their music.

:hmmm: Maybe I’ll put some on right now!


Have ye heard of Christy Moore (Brown Eyes) then, boyo? Clannad?

Do 'Dropkick Murphey’s count as celtic:cool:

Clannad? As in the family band from which Enya came?

I listened to Celtic radio while cleaning my kitchen tonight. I also love Flamenco guitar. Check out Rodrigo y isabela on pandora.

If you love flamenco guitar, then surely you love Paco de Lucia!?

As one who plays folk-style guitar on a classical model, flamenco blows my mind.

Consider your mind blown. :smiley:

:bigyikes: WOW! :bigyikes:

While on YouTube I did a search for this old ballad from Cherish the Ladies. Back in the day, my friends and I danced a slip jig to this lovely and sad tune:

“Ballad of the Fox Hunter”

To liven things up a bit, here’s a jaunty little piece by Old Blind Dogs:

“Forfar Soldier”

And finally, my one of my favorite pieces from The Chieftains’ Christmas album, The Bells of Dublin: (not necessarily recommending this album – lots of weird stuff by “guest artists” – but the tracks by The Chieftains are magnificent!)

“Wren in the Furze”




Sorry op did not mean to hijack anything just got a little enthusiastic.

What’s the instrument called that sometimes carries the melody in Celtic bands and sounds like a cross between an oboe and a bagpipe chanter?


(And he just sits there, looking so-o-o calm!)

NM, did my own homework and found out that it is a bombard. I was thinking about getting one as a sort of counterfoil to my ocarinas, but having found out that it’s a double-reed like an oboe, I think I’ll pass.

‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’ by Christy Moore here:


Tho the video is not to my liking.

Two words: Uilleann Pipes, also called Irish Bagpipes. They are great on all kinds of Celtic music. Liam O Flynn is the best artist with them. My favorite rendition is from the album “Celtic Requiem” by Mary McClaughlin.
Have Fun!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:

You have a link so that we can try?

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