I love global warming!

I suffer from severe seasonal affective disorder. December through Feb is very difficult for me to get through, but I think there might be hope. I recently read an artical that said the Northeast winters are getting shorter and more mild. The average temp has increased three degrees. One scientist made the prediction that New England may someday have the climate of Virginia. I say bring on the global warming. Why should I view it as a bad thing?

The lobsters will get huge.

Well, mostly because it will cause droughts, which will cause famines, which will hurt the least among us. It will also cause water reserves to disappear in countries that need them the most. Not to mention sinking peoples’ homesin low-lying areas, especially Micronesia.

Why not just move to Virginia?

I’d love some “global warming” about now. This has been one of the most miserably cold winters in recent history in my local.

Too bad the notion of Global warming is a myth. :shrug:

As someone who lives in Georgia I just have to say…be careful what you wish for…:wink:

it’s 13 degrees out right now:winter: I blame global warming!

The year round euphoria might be too much. It’s kind of like if you’re never sick you never apreaciate feeling well. It must be nice though!

I definately wouldn;t call it year round euphoria.In fact I wouldn;t call it euphoria at all. I mean sure we get milder winters then those much farther up north. oh and by the way I am originally form Michigan so I have experienced trully cold winters But the summers and even springs can be HOT! And I donlt mean hey it;s a nice warm day hot. I mean you walk outside and it;s BAD hot. In fact it seems inbetween winter and summer there is only a very short time before things get uncomfortably hot. Last year I think for instance we had maybe a month or so of nice warm weather before the oven came on! :stuck_out_tongue: I remember visiting my parents in Michigan this August and what a relief that weather was! It was nice and warm when I got out no need for a coat/could wear short sleeves and shorts…but at the same time it wasn;t uncomfortably hot.
If I could have my way I would have Georgias winter and early spring and Michigan’s late spring and summer. As for Fall I would like either one.

The point of all this though that things may not always be as great as they seem.

Let’s see. If New England became like Virginia, then where I live would perhaps become like the Rio Grande Valley. Picking oranges off the trees in my yard? I can live with it.

Actually, though, I kind of like the fall and winter; all except for late winter, which is washed out and ragged-looking. I hate the way it looks, especially in bright sunlight, which is what we have most days in the late winter. I kind of envy the New Englanders’ cloudy days in the winter. I wouldn’t want that cold, though.

One thing about the droughtiness. The warmer the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern Pacific are, the more rain we get. So I’m all for global warming in those places.

I don’t know. I spent one summer in southern Michigan, and I was cold nearly the whole time. The ground was cold. The water was cold. The nights were cold. Even in the daytime, the sun just seemed underpowered, like an SUV with a four-cylinder engine.

But to each his/her own, I guess.

You do realize that it isn’t going to get any lighter, don’t you? The amount of carbon in the atmosphere is increasing, the Earth’s axis isn’t changing. You’ll still feel miserable, you’ll just be warmer while you are doing it.

It might have been a unusually cold summer. But I lived most of my life in Michigan and it was normally pretty nice in the summer. But there were still always the bad hot days or the days that were colder then one would like. But over all it;s preferable to the oven I get now…:stuck_out_tongue:

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