I LOVE God...


I dont know what has compelled me to say that on a forum, but i just woke up this morning and felt like shouting it from the rooftops.
I went to hospital this morning cause i had a bit of chest pains, but im home now and feel ok, I felt God with me every step of the way.
The cross fell off my rosary just before i had to go to the hospital, but when i got back i fixed it and now its all ok.
Anyway, name the top three things you love most about God.
Mine are

  1. He created me.
  2. He gives me so much love.
  3. He sacrificed his only son for my sins.
    Man I could go on for hours…
    Your turn…
    God bless you


I’ll take a go…

  1. Without God I have no thought, no deed, no breath, no life. I exist solely because of His awesome will.

  2. He loves me even when I am silly, presumptuous, sinful, forgetful, or non-grateful.

  3. He cares enough about me and everyone else to send Jesus to die for our sins and assign us an Angel, to whom we are so far below in stature, to serve us and protect us.

Of course, there are more reasons, but if I had to boil them down to three, those are it.

Cheers, and I’m glad things went o.k. at the hospital!:thumbsup:


I love:
*]That He is God, infinite goodness.
*]That He loved me first.
*]That He has given me the gift of faith and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, enabling me to love Him.[/LIST]


I Love:
God is God
God is Love
God is Mercy


I’d have to second these three :slight_smile:


I definitely want in on this!!!

  1. He loves us beyond comprehension.
  2. He answers prayers when we seek His will.
  3. He forgives, and forgives, and forgives, and forgives, and…


Top 3?

He has always been there
is there now
and always will be

forever and ever

He is the fulfillment of all desire


I love God because He knows very well how hard it is for me to love Him but He loves me anyway.


Me too!:love:


Well…God love ya for starting this thread! :thumbsup:


He treats me better than I deserve.

He does not reject me.

His love shackles me joyously.


*]He loves me unconditionally and always have my best interest in mind.
*]He is with me every single second and makes the solitude of life sweet.
*]He attracts me to attach to Him and fall in love with Him over and over again.


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