I love Jesus because...I love the Catholic Church because

I love Jesus becuase He first loved me!

I love the Catholic Church because through her I have been liberated from sin!

I’m a convert and I’m hoping to hear why you love Jesus and why you love the church! Both have been so good to me and let’s encourage one another with these words.

Peace, faith, hope, and love!


I love Jesus because he has a sense of humor. He called someone as unworthy as me to be his servant.

I love the Catholic Church because it was founded by Jesus and built on the rock, who was Peter.:blessyou:

Deacon Tony

I love the Catholic Church because it teaches how we can be more open to Gods Grace.

:slight_smile: By teaching prayers, charity, patience and virtues, I can live my life as close as possible to Pleasing Him. All credit goes to God although I have to co-operate to give Him Glory.

I never feel alone with the Catholic Church.:wink:

I love Jesus because He loves me and gave me the gift of loving Him; what a great gift! I love Jesus for everything He permits to happen to me and has so freely gifted to me. I love Jesus because He has trusted me with the gift of faith and I trust Him implicitly.

I love the Catholic Church because it is Jesus’ Bride and because Jesus is Truth, the Catholic Church is Truth in the world, she gives birth to the Gospel to the entire world, a mirror image of Jesus’ likeness destined to be His beloved for all eternity. I love the Catholic Church because she is my mother and our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary is the Mother of mother Church. I love the Catholic Church because in a world of contraries and untruths she holds steadfast throughout all ages, unchanging and firmly anchored to the Eucharist and to Mary, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit Who speaks all Truth, is Truth and is True Love.

I love the Catholic Church because although it may be wounded it never falters, this is a miracle in itself. It presides over all history in Christ Jesus and nothing has destroyed it throughout the ages, no power on earth, no power below the earth, no person, no spirit, no angel can destroy the Catholic Church. This is the sign of it’s eternal destiny and of the Divinty of Christ Jesus though God has allowed the Church to suffer many trials, she is upon the road to Calvary and has not left this narrow road firmly betrothed to her Divine Spouse and awaits, in faith, her glorious marriage to Him for all eternity.

I love the Catholic Church because her voice is the voice of truth in a world that rejects the truth, especially in these times rejects the truth of the Cross. In these times the tidal wave of secularism desires to eradicate the Cross, even to eradicate every visible sign of it of which euthanasia is just one example, which is pure foolishness because we bear the cross in ourselves in the indelible oil of Christ Jesus, the Anointed One. Nothing can destroy the Cross. The further the Church and her children are persecuted the brighter the Cross shines her light to the entire world, although the world does not recognise the Cross not even in the Children of God and those who say they are persecuted are not persecuted as the Catholic Church is because even the persecuted persecute the Catholic Church, it has been this way since Jesus taught the Gospel, the Master persecuted and thereafter His Apostles and Disciples; His Church. This is the sure Sign of the Cross in the Catholic Church and a sure sign of her victory in the Cross of Christ Jesus, because the Cross, for those of us who trust in the salvation of Christ, is Victory whereas to everyone else it looks like weakness and failure.

Whoever, believes in Christ Jesus and His Cross and with a sincere and contrite heart seeks the truths as handed down from Christ Jesus to the Apostles and down the ages to all generations of Catholics will find their life and peace with God and find it eternally.

I love Jesus because He is my Lord, and Savior. I’ve always loved Jesus. I love the Cathollic Church because it is the Truth :slight_smile:

I love Jesus because He loves me!

I love the Church because she is the beautiful and holy Bride of my Jesus.

I don’t know why I was given the great gift of being born into a Catholic family when so many aren’t. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.

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