I love "Life on the Rock"


They need to ink a primetime deal with CBS.

Truly the best show on TV. I wish everyone had EWTN. That’s like the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen Jason & Crystalina Evert on there, and they always are electric.


I couldn’t agree more!! :smiley:



I’d have to agree with you here. I recently found this show and love it. Love the “friar cam” shots.


Life on the Rock is a great program!


I think the best part of the show is “Street Talk” with Fr. Fortuna. He’s awesome. He was on the show once. What charisma! It’s like, “woah! how can someone put such complex and deep thoughts together so quickly.” They always have a good line-up of guests. I liked the blind pianists they had (one was a priest, the other was a concert pianist whose mother was told to get an abortion because he’d be disfigured). The Jesse Romero show was the best I’ve seen. I could go on and on.

(Sometimes, I think the inside jokes are a little lame, but whatever, the show’s great.)

It’s also cool to watch Mass. Then you get to see these guys giving homilies and fulfilling their vocations. The network has opened my eyes to the wonders of Catholicism. If I get to heaven, I’ll owe much to the good people who brought this network to me.


Fr. Fortuna is grrreat!

And don’t forget Christopher West!!

btw, where has Fr. Anthony been?



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