I Love Lucy?

Did you or do you still watch the I Love Lucy shows?

My husband and I are watching some again because they are on at the dinner hour but watching the reruns now, I don’t like it.

He is patrinizing and she acts like a child.

I do admit her and Ethel are funny sometimes.


Me and the misses do all the time, we own the collector DVD’s. I love the olden day I am a huge collector of Old Time Radio (OTR).

One good thing to do is put yourself in that time period, it was a much simpler time and the comedy was much better than the awful stuff that passes for funny today. My favorite show is the Phil Harris & Alice Faye show on OTR, reckon I was born in the wrong time period. :slight_smile:

I adore I Love Lucy!

Keep in mind also that Lucy always wins in the end!

This show also has some of the funniest scenes in television, still cloned today by every other sitcom. There’s one where Lucy is in jail in France and Ricky has to speak Spanish to someone who speaks German and Spanish, to translate for the gendarme, who speaks French and German. Or something like that. And of course the Vitameatavegamin episode is not to be missed! If only it were a real product.

It was my favorite show growing up!

When I watched it as an adult, I did see it differently - Ricky telling her what to do, giving her a certain amount of money for stuff, her crying in order to manipulate Ricky.

But hey, it’s still classic!

Last night was the CLASSIC candy factory episode :slight_smile:

I grew up in the era when this show was new, so it’s not so much of a culture shock to me. I love watching the old TV shows. There’s a local channel in the Chicago area which is running a lot of them–I Love Lucy, Jack Benny, George Burns & Gracie Allen, the **** Van **** Show, the Honeymooners, etc. The old shows stand the test of time, they’re clean, and still funny after all those years.

Simpler time? Mcarthyism, men acting like the final say over their wives (Lucy), blacks being hosed down…I’ll take today over the 50’s

That’s your right to your own opinion. Let’s see what about today? Free Murder of Babies, Disintegration of families and values, no respect for anyone, everyone into self. Yep, great time today in my opinion. :rolleyes:

The sitcoms of yestersday are certainly different of today, and yet some the same.
They are a total exaggeration to one side or the other which is what I am seeing, and I don’t even like them anymore.

They aren’t even close to what a real family acts like but I guess we laugh at ourselves if we would act like that.

I would rather watch some of the Perry Mason shows and try to figure out who did it.

The interaction is the problem or if it stirs up emotions and that is why I stay away from soaps.

Well anyways it is not suppose to be real but I see all the fake in it more than I use to.

my parents hated this show, and we were never allowed to watch it (during the few times when we had TV in the house) because they felt the caricature of their relationship was demeaning to women, and the stereotype of the crazy latino was also a slur, and that the caustic byplay between Fred and Ethel was an unhappy depiction of married communication. They also disliked the Danny Thomas show, although they knew and admired him as an individual, and similar comedies that portrayed the husband and father of the family as the butt of jokes, as stupid and childish. there was also a daytime comedy show whose name I have forgotten with two Negro comedians, to which they objected because they felt the characters and situations perpetuated demeaning racial stereotypes.

We were also never allowed to watch Milton Berle because they did not like his humor (and I think Bishop Sheen was on the opposing channel). They did like Your Show of Shows with Ernie Kovacs, Steve Allen, Imogene Coca and the like. We also had to watch Omnibus with Alistaire Cooke, which I think was also opposite the show most of my friends were watching. We were never allowed to watch Ed Sullivan until we begged to see the Beatles, which was the first and last time.

this show makes me laugh no matter how old it is

and this is no excuse but the minor offensiveness of lucy is very small compared to what we have on tv today

I agree with you. Todays prime time trash, especially this season, is much worse. A person would be hard- pressed to find anything wrong with any of the shows from the fiftys. I grew up watching the Lucy show, Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan, etc. We had a total of four channels to choose from, and most of the time my sisters and I argued about which GOOD family program we would watch. Now we have 200 channels on our Dish tv, and I can narrow the good stuff down to RFD-TV and EWTN. Does anybody really call this progress in entertainment?

Lucille Ball was a brilliant comedienne with a gift of timing that is pretty much unequaled in the history of show biz.

Her face was rubber–she could twist it into any caricature. Amazing and priceless. There aren’t too many women who can make us laugh without saying a word. Carol Burnett comes to mind, and I believe that she and Lucille Ball were good friends.

I think one of the best Lucille Ball shows came later (after Desi), when Harpo Marx was a guest star on her show, and the two of them did the old “Mirror” routine. Absolutely a treasure.

I think that the theme of the early show was adorable–a show biz husband and a wife who wanted to be in show biz, too. It’s a classic female comedy venue–the woman is trying with all her heart to get ahead in life, and everything and everyone gets in her way. See Laverne and Shirley, Mary Tyler Moore, That Girl (Marlo Thomas), etc.

I can’t think of any contemporary female comediennes that can match Lucille Ball today. Ellen Degeneres? Rosie O’ Donnell? Paula Poundstone? Ugh! Or maybe I should say, “WAAAAAAAH!”

It irritates me, too, but the show was a victim of its time. I’ve watched several shows and movies from the 50s and 60s, and they were all demeaning to women in one way or another.

It’s not right, but on the same token, the fact remains that the modern day media are even more demeaning to women. Women are almost always sexually objectified, starved, and infantilized. Additionally, the rate of graphic violence and hatred against females on TV and on movies is through the roof. Unfortunately, American society has traded one form of popular misogyny for another.

It is a shame that we live in a PC kind of world and nothing is taken lightly (humor) anymore. Where there was a joke going on, it was funny and NO ONE took it seriously. Laughter was a way to ‘let yourself go and even poke fun at yourself’. Today, you joke around and you get sued.

I like the I Love Lucy Show and others from the 50’s & 60’s. Hey I have the complete series of Hogan’s Heroes and do you hear complaints about Germans today offended or even the fact that when that show was on, (1965-1971) there was a divided Germany and Berlin!

People, especially the OP, lighten up! (I don’t call myself PC and never will).
Take the show in the historical context of it’s time.
Unless you do, EVERYTHING that gets put on a DVD will have those FOOLISH disclaimers. Even a Droopy and Popeye cartoon DVD’s have those stupid disclaimers!

Watch The Unit! Regina Taylor actually came out of self-imposed retirement from acting to star in this show. She is proud of the way it depicts women and African Americans.

Oh, man! Start a thread about Hogan’s Heroes! (or F-Troop, speaking of not-PC). Schultz can get me rolling every time (“you know, Hogan, the Americans say one thing and the Germans say something else, and when it comes to war, I don’t like to take sides”).

I appreciate shows like “I Love Lucy” more now; her voice and manner still can affect me like fingernails-on-a-blackboard, but shows like that generally had a clever but healthy approach to human relationships.

I said I liked “Andy Griffith” once, esp. for my kids, and a friend criticized it for not being “realistic.”

That’s what you usually hear from critics who are into today’s culture. But what they put forth as “realistic” is actually only titillating, sensational, often frenzied.

You get in a half-hour program, a life-time’s worth of illicit sex, nastiness, and general selfishness. VERY realistic.


Unfortunately, American society has traded one form of popular misogyny for another.

Do you really want to suggest that the tv shows and films of the 50’s and 60’s were promoting:

mi·sog·y·ny –noun hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.


Today, a view that women are different from men is automatically misogynystic.

But one has to wonder if enlightened folks, who know that men and women are actually identical by nature, would find “I Love Lucy” just as funny if the gender traits were reversed.

Have Ethel be the grouchy tightwad instead of Fred? Make Ricky conniving and suspicious? Just doesn’t work.

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