I love me some Jack Van Impe

Ol Jack…he can come up with some theories!! He seems like a mighty nice and cool guy, though. I like how I have never seem him dog the Church, or use it in any of his endtime discussions. He makes connections out of things I would have never thought of. Anyone else watch Jack from time to time?

After Pope John Paul II passed on, Jack Van Impe did some wonderful tribute shows. I heard nothing but praise for Pope John Paul II. He especially emphasized the prayer life of the late Pope.

I didn’t detect any hidden criticism of the Catholic Church-- you know how some people say, “Pope John Paul II was a great man and Christian, but his Church is still wrong”–Jack Van Impe didn’t do that. It was all very sweet and honest and loving and above-board. No hidden “zingers.”

I don’t agree with Jack Van Impe’s theology, but I would rather see someone who is misinterpreting the Bible and demonstrates love than someone who knows the truth about religion but has no love. As the Bible says, “Love covers a mulititude of sins.”

I wonder if Jack Van Impe and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson have the same hair stylist:



I don’t agree with all of their theology, but I’ve always found their show to be interesting and entertaining (haven’t watched in a while, but my dad loves it so I used to watch when I lived with my parents). I’ve also appreciated that it is one of the few Protestant televangelism shows that is openly welcoming to and respectful of its Catholic viewers. And Jack & Rexella seem like such nice people. It would probably be fun to have dinner with them.

I’ve heard that he is an ex-Catholic, and that is where his sympathy for the Catholic Church stems from. Not sure if this is true, but based on some of the things he says, I can see that there is still some loyalty there.

I like him too - it not everything he has to say. For some strange reason, he can really suck me in from channel surfing. I don’t know if it’s his style, presentation, topics, or what, but he does get my attention sometimes.

During the Y2K scare my ex was totally sucked in by Jack - he was a Jack Junkie to be sure! Yep - we had extra food, water, and ammo in the basement too… :blush: :shrug:


Nope, Jack’s father was a Protestant missionary, and Jack is a graduate of Detroit Bible Institute.

I used to attend a church that had an association with Dr. and Mrs. Van Impe. In fact, Chuck Ohman, the overly dramatic gentleman who makes announcements during their television programs, had just retired from actively leading the music ministry at this church when I joined there in 1998.

Of course, I disagree with their theology, but I haven’t noticed even a shred of anti-Catholicism in their teachings.

I was watching the program one evening, probably some time last summer (while I was preparing to be received into the Church), and Dr. Van Impe said something that shocked me. He referred to an old friend who was a Catholic revert, and had nothing but great things to say about this gentleman’s commitment to Christ. The man wrote him a letter to ask a question, and Dr. Van Impe read the question on air, then gave him an answer - from the Catechism of the Catholic Church! :thumbsup:

:rotfl: I love it, Cygnus!

I thought I was the only crazy person with a Jack Van Impe obsession.

I love it when Rexella starts getting chatty about a subject that doesn’t even seem remotely related to the topic Jack is speaking about and then she stops and the camera turns back to Jack who has a puzzled look on his face.

The best episode in my recent memory was a few months ago when Jack was ranting about José Luis de Jesús Miranda cegenglish.com/

I was yelling at the tv - “Go, Jack, Go”

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