I LOVE My Television!

I know that many here on the boards are very anti-television, and many with good cause, considering the garbage that can be, and in many circumstances IS on it.

Yet at the same time, are there those out there who just absolutely LOVE television? Well, I do! No, I am not watching Swingtown, but I do love all forms of Law and Order, as well as CSI, Discovery Channel, History Channel (except when they show their Anti-Catholic bias), A & E, NFL and College Football, FOX News, BBC America, Biography, The Game Show Network, QVC, and the Food and Travel Channels, specifically when they go on the road and show the best places to eat! The food is so scrumptious-looking that I want to grab it right off of my television!

And let us not forget EWTN!

Plus, I would get Showtime just for The Tudors.

I cannot be the only one here who loves television. Let us be heard, loud and proud!

Glad you are able to separate the cream from the chafe. By the way Tallahassee is one my favorite places. With all their is to do in Tally, how could you have time to watch TV?:stuck_out_tongue:
Go Noles!

I don’t watch a whole lot it, GratefulDad, but when I do, I make sure it is good quality time well spent!

And you are right on another thing: Tallahassee is a great place to be!

That’s not a sin appreciating watching TV!!! :smiley: lol

As far as I’m concerned, I dislike TV because of all the stupid stuff they can broadcast, and all this publicity makes me crazy! :blush: I prefer watching DVDs, or Videos on the Internet.

It’s quite a problem in this society not to watch TV because people think you’re weird… :rolleyes:

I won’t say that I love it.

But I certainly appreciate it.

I especially appreciate the television during times of national disasters and tragedies. During the Katrina coverage, I felt joined with all the other people in the U.S. as we sought ways to help those affected by the hurricane. Same for 9/11.

And whenever a beloved former president dies, I like to be there, along with all other Americans, through the television.

Also, I love stories, and there are some good stories told on television on certain shows.

Sporting events, especially the Olympics–I could never afford to attend these in person. But through the TV, I can be there watching Brian Boitano win the OGM! And the Superbowl! And the Kentucky Derby. And best of all, NCAA March Madness tourney! Great stuff.

Finally, when I am sick or laid up (e.g., after my foot surgery last spring), I sure appreciate being able to lie back and watch TV.

It was a godsend for my mother while she was alive. She suffered from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. She enjoyed watching All My Children because “all the people look so beautiful.” Isn’t that sweet? She had plenty of real visitors and friends, but it was nice for her to be able to escape her suffering for just an hour a day and associate with “the beautiful people.”

Yes I do so enjoy Television :extrahappy:

I like so many shows…of course EWTN…TLC the learning channel…HGTV…Fox …

Right now I’m looking forward to ’ So You Think You Can Dance’

They moved EWTN to a more expensive package just when I was getting interested in watching more. Booo! :frowning:

But I am addicted to Fox News, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Court TV…Forensic Files WOOOOOOO!!! Oh, and Masterpiece Theatre…been a Masterpiece junkie since childhood.

Living alone, I do admit I leave the TV on a lot of the time just for background noise.

I love TV too! Not ashamed to admit it! :smiley: My mom does too. Is it hereditary?

I watch a lot of Court TV (now TruTV), Food Network, EWTN, Animal Planet, Discovery, History Channel, Fox News, CNN, etc. I will admit to my guilty pleasure of Big Love on HBO and a few soap operas.

I think sometimes I use TV for company. Just makes the house seem not so quiet. I was a single Mom for many years and suppose it probably gave me company to an extent (I do have friends and family, lol). Then I went and married a truck driver who is gone two weeks at a time! I’m sure t.v. is somewhat just noise and company for me. Plus I find it relaxing. I love to turn it on when I’m doing housework and it distracts me and the house is clean before I know it.

For whatever reason, I do love t.v.


We have the bear minimum Cable package $9/mo. So we watch EWTN Live on our computer over the internet. We try to give every so often. We also watch Fox and other news over the internet, it’s all free and we don’t support the other sewage that the cable companys pipe into our home. This is a pretty simple set up and is actually the way of the future. We’ll have Webcasting slowly over take Broadcasting.:thumbsup: Just some thoughts.

count me in as another TV lover! I’ll admit that there are a lot of shows that folks talk about here that I’ve never seen, but what I do watch I enjoy thoroughly!

I watch a lot of sports-the only thing negative about them to me are the darn viagra ads. Considering how many of them I see during the course of the average baseball/football/hockey game you’d think every male in the US was impotent.

I also watch a lot of crime dramas-all the L&O’s, CSI, Bones, Cold Case…put a crime drama on and I’ll at least try it out. I think it has to do with the idea of justice and redemption. The bad guy gets it in the end and during the process the characters learn a little more about humanity.

I like Discovery channel too-they’re doing a series on the Space program that started on Sunday. It’s amazing what we did just because we set our minds to it.

The other shows I like a lot are Battlestar Galactica and the X Files. Both were sci fi, but they had a lot to say about issues that we see every day.

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