I love our seminarians

In St. Louis, our seminary is over crowded, and is expanding next year. They ordained 8 guys a couple of weeks ago.

These guys serve are present at all the diocesan youth events (service camps, grade school days at the seminary, Steubenville youth conferences)

But anyway, I just came across a new video they made…but I’ll post several of the past ones they have made. These guys are funny.

This one was made for the 50th class reunion.


This newest one, while slow at first, becomes better about halfway through…using the same characters.

This was made for the grade school “camp” at the seminary:

Actually, I studied at Kenrick a number of years back, and I remember “Fr. Cranberry” when he was a wet-behind-the-ears college seminarian freshman. He also does one heck of a “Gollum” impersonation.

Unfortunately, they made the “mistake” in the 1980s of transforming the bigger “old Kenrick” into offices and using the smaller “new Kenrick” as the home of the seminary. They were probably thinking, considering that particular era, that large numbers of seminarians were a thing of the past because in the future the Church would be largely lay-run, and also that since the old Kenrick is a nicer building, they wanted that one instead for themselves.

Too funny, you guys!

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