I love Protestants.

Is it up to my descretion whether to attend Protestant events without having communion with them! I am solid Roman Catholic who goes the Mass Week Day Mornings, Holy Days, and Sundays. I just like the Protestant, and not sure of the official Roman Catholic Canon?

For example:

  1. Sit in class at a non-denominational Bible College for no credit nor course work?

  2. Attend Protestant Worship Music Concerts?

  3. Attend Protestant Faith Healing Crusades and Revivals?

  4. Watch TBN Evangelical Preachers on TV?

As long as you do not neglect your own obligations to the Catholic Church, you are permitted to do any or all of these things. I do, however, believe it is unwise.

That’s funny, I just saw a question on this up in the Ask an Apologist forum and it has an answer to your same thoughts.
What does the church day about attending scripture study in a Protestant church?

I just had a thought. Why in the world would we ever want to do any of that when the time could be better spent in building up the faith of Catholics who so desperately need to better know their faith?

I do not think that being a catholic makes you any better or worse or different to being a protestant. God does not differentiate.

What do you mean by better or worse?

better or worse are self explanatory. does being a catholic make you a better person than a protestant, or a jew or a moslem or an atheist.
i do not thnik that God will differentiate. in the end you will be judged on your merits

I guess no problem.
Church forbids communion only.

Well - You sound as if you are strongly Catholic so, assuming that you know Scripture, are well grounded in the teachings of the faith etc, then there may not be a problem.
BUT - - Rather than attend such “protestant” activities, have you ever considered looking into and participating in the Catholic Charismatic movement?


I’m not sure that’s entirely true - Jesus stated quite clearly that unless we eat His flesh and drink His blood we cannot have life within us. Those who do eat & drink of Him will never die. Now, that seems to give us the edge… Maybe?


Please, knowledgeable Catholics, get involved with teaching the faith any way you can.


Amen to this!!!


Awww! We love you too! xxx :slight_smile:

If you are so involved in the Catholic Church and attend Mass there so often, why would you even want to go to a Protestant event ? :confused: Some of what you listed sounds like you would be treading into dangerous territory because so much of what Protestants teach and believe goes against what the Church believes, and that can’t be good for you.

You spelt Muslim wrong, that’s how they spelt it in the middle-ages

Wrong. If you are talking about salvation there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. You should know that.

The stronger and more confident we are in our Catholic faith, the less reason there is to be isolated from Protestantism-or from any other faith-or from any human beings for that matter. The more we love, the more we accept others in spite of differences, even in spite of sin. The Church is demonstrating this especially since Vat II and that’s why ecumenism is at the forefront now.

Protestant services can be enjoyable and spiritual. Protestant preachers can have good insight and relay great sermons. BUT, now that I am Catholic, I definetely know that there is just something missing. The fullness of the faith is not there.

When I am around Protestants, even those whom I know truly love God and are living a Christian life, I feel sadness and frustration. I want them to have what I have!

Thanks guys,

I should have mentioned that although my wife is Catholic and we belong to the same Parish, she has worked for Protestant church for 17 years. That is where she spends her day and goes to church on Sunday. The priest who Convalidated our marriage 3 months ago said that everything was okay the way we had been doing things.

Well, it has created quite a storm on the Catholic side, and on the Protesant side 2 pastors put pressure on my wife to devorice me because of not honoring our first marriage outside the Catholic Church.

Good grief! I just wanted to make sure that I am not living in sin and have to confess my lifestyle every Saturday. Thanks again for your Christian love.

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