I love this Forum

This is awesome…it is nice to have a sub-forum to discuss traditional Catholicism…God Bless all of those who worked hard to bring us this forum…Have I been blind, or did this just get added?

It just got added as a top-level forum – not a sub-forum – and is still a work in progress. I’ll be adding stickies with the name of the moderator and some rules of the road soon enough.

Wonderful…thank you so much.

I believe it is nice to have this forum. It helps me learn more about the traditional Catholicism.

dumspirospero, your signature has a very beautiful picture. I had not known before that when priest was celebrating the Mass, he was also facing toward the Tabernacle.

Thanks…the picture is absolutely breathtaking…the way the priest is facing is known as “ad orientum” as opposed to Versus Populum as is most commonly seen today. The priest used to always face towards the High Altar and Tabernacle during mass…presumed to be towards the East.

To read more about this:


Thanks for the info, dumspirospero!

Ahhh, what a wonderful new subforum this is! I like :wink:

Thank you very much for this :thumbsup:

I second that emotion! :thumbsup:


Goodo. Thanks for this forum.

A big thanks from me too!!!

Thankyou CA.

I do have a question though. Is this Traditional as in only TLM or traditional as in historic?

Do you happen to have a link to a full size version of this picture? I would love to make this my wallpaper on my home pc!



I’m sorry…at the time, it is the only size pic I have…however, I will try to find a full size one and let you know. God Bless.

Also…Netilsmom…I am pretty positive, but could be wrong, that this forum is to discuss the TLM and other similar topics…God bless

The information and rules stickies have now been posted. Please take special note of the trial status sticky, and the sedevacantist topic notice that explains that sedevacantism may be discussed in the Traditional Catholicism forum but only in that forum alone. Thanks!

Well if the UI goes through, we should have both at our parish so I think I’m covered!

Yea! I’m happy to see this forum! I hope it will be a good place to share and learn. Thank you!:slight_smile:

I just want to add a quick “Thank you” :tiphat: to those already presented.

Hopefully we are that much closer to a Latin language thread or threads (or – Dare I to dream? – A Latin Language Forum! :smiley: )

I’ll start such a thread myself, when I have a bit more time (unless someone beats me to it).


A Traditional Catholicism forum?


The mods said we could even discuss sedevacantism here. The proof: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=1798718#post1798718

It’s Traditional as in pre-Vatican II Latin-rite spirituality. We chose the term *Traditional Catholicism *to reflect a term generally used in the Latin rite of the Church, but we trust that CAF members understand that we are NOT trying to imply that Eastern Catholicism is not “traditional.”

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