I love this photo!

It was posted in a “Vintage Photos” section on one of my car enthusiast forums (there’s an early 1960’s Opel Kapitan in it…), and it brought me back to my own travels in the beautiful Alps that my family originated from. I really love the roadside shrines on the mountain roads up there.


Wow! Thank you for posting such an amazing picture. I wish that in North America we had roadside shrines like the ones (apparently common) in Europe.

Nice picture.

I love the Alps - I lived in Switzerland as a young kid - and remember shrines like this.

The car is cool too!:thumbsup:

Looks from the river banks in the background like it is either shortly after the snow melt or they just had a “gully washer”.

Beautiful! :slight_smile:

Lovely photo: a shrine :D, the Alps! and a classic car. What more can one ask for?

I’ve been noticing quite a few of them around Arizona. There is a very prominent Marian shrine as you enter Miami, AZ, and another one on the outskirts of Tucson. I will try to take some pictures and post them.

Whoa! Totally cool!!! I will look forward to that. And maybe there are some in Canada as well that I’m just not aware of.

Love this photo! Thanks so much for posting. I was never there but it reminds me of road trips to the mountains with my grandparents. :heart:

I’m glad this photo brightened your day!

I want to think it’s the Tyrol…could be Bavaria. Still; beautiful!

Here’s a list of Marian Shrines, by state, in the U.S.:


Arizona lists the one in Hereford and the one in Yarnell, but not the one by Miami (off Route 60) or the one near Tucson (on the eastern side of the I-10). I’ll be in those areas over the next couple of weeks and take some photos

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