I love you all


I am the “starter” of the thread “I am Catholic and…lonely”

I want to thank you all for helping me while I was in dire straits.

I realize it may have been difficult for you to accept my comments, but then I do not wish that any of you should suffer like I did for 30 years.

It was not that I had lost my faith in God. It was that I was afraid I might lose it if I could not find a satisfactory explanation to the weird things that had happened to me.

I want to thank you for your patience and I regret I may have hurt people with my negative comments, particularly on Church people. Indeed, it is verily because I had suffered so many negative things that I needed your help.

I think I can now go on with my spiritual journey and hope we shall meet in Heaven one day.

Love and kisses


It’s good to see you feeling more peaceful. I hope and pray that life will go better for you and that you will have good experiences in the future. I hope to meet you in heaven some day too.


:slight_smile: I am glad to hear you are doing better as well. May God grant you joy and peace for the rest of your days!


nice to meet you, guido!

peace and love be with you throughout your journey!

:byzsoc: :harp: :grouphug:


Dearest friend
I did not post on your thread but you’re in my prayers.
God bless you and hang in there. It’s worth it:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


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