I’m a Democrat (and ex-CIA) but the spies plotting against Trump are out of control


Elected by no one, responsible only to each other, these spies have determined that Trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Days ago, they delivered their verdict. According to one intelligence official, the president “will die in jail.”

I understand how this might feel appealing to deeply partisan Democrats. After all, I didn’t want Trump to win either. But the solution to fighting this subpar president cannot be encouraging a network of spies to tip the scales back in our political favor. We must instead let the system continue to work, as it has, and make our case to the American people during future elections.

If you’re not convinced, imagine the consequences of letting spies decide not just Trump’s fate but other political winners and losers too. Imagine how they might treat our candidates next.

Flash-forward to November 4, 2020, where Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have defeated Donald Trump and Mike Pence for the White House. Democrats will celebrate in the streets. The liberal spies will smile.



We’re just supposed to take his word for it? The source for “he will die in jail” is a tweet saying that some guy told the tweeter something. I’m not calling him a liar but there is no actual evidence. It’s just hearsay. I got scolded for sharing hearsay on another thread.


My experience with intelligence community types is that they tend to lean right, not left. (Which doesn’t mean they couldn’t hate DJT, obviously…)


According to The Hill, something like 95% of government employee contributions when to Clinton.


I can believe that. All of the Republican government workers I know were #nevertrump. Some voted for Clinton and others for third party candidates.


Did they break that down by areas? The point was made about people the intelligence community.



It still wouldn’t surprise me if Trump had relatively low support from the intelligence community. Probably a lot of Never Trump Republicans.


Perhaps. After all, they were working on the Russian connection at the height of the campaign.


If this happened to Obama, every major news outlet would have someone screaming RACISM at the top of their lungs, day and night.


The CIA should be 100% abolished. We should go back to what we had prior to World War Two, which was called the Department of State. It worked well, and we didn’t have to worry about this kind of filth. And when I say filth, I’m referring to Operation Paperclip, and the fact that the Nazi Gestapo largely formed and organized what we now call the Central Intelligence Agency. Until that agency is wiped out of existence, the United States will be forever foul. Dwight Eisenhower said as much when he left office. The blackness of what we’re dealing with can’t even be overstated.

As far as this article goes, I think we’d be absolute fools to believe anything some “ex” CIA officer says. Absolute fools. Because they can’t be trusted. They’re manipulative, ill-willed and thoroughly dishonest. That’s their entire job description, after all. And would we really want them killing or otherwise removing an elected US President, just because they don’t like him? Personally, I think the idea of the CIA running this country is a million times more dangerous than Donald Trump ineptly bumbling around. At this point, we should just let him do whatever it is he’s going to do. He was elected by a silent majority, which means that the CIA is the enemy of most Americans, at the very least. They’re threatening “democracy” far more than Donald Trump is.

In my opinion, the following article is worth reading:



There are still rumors among the conspiracy community that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination. Wouldn’t be surprised if with every Administration there were those who weren’t happy who would be willing to reveal information or set up circumstances to bring the current leadership down. Not through violence per se, but there are a lot of ways to cause trouble politically.

As far as the size and nature of the intelligence community, I was surprised when GW Bush created the Department of Homland Security when we already had CIA, NSA, FBI and many divisions within each. That’s when I realized Republicans spoke about smaller government but really used it as a talking point. I would think reducing the size of our enforcement beauracracy might allow it to operate more efficiently.

I would be very much in favor of reducing the size and number of “secret” agencies. In many ways I think we have reached the point of “we have to destroy your freedoms in order to protect your freedoms”.


The CIA types that I knew in the 60’s had a moral compass that when a order was given they followed it though no matter the what the difficulty or cost. However they were not blind followers.

I would quickly believe a field type sooner than a desk bound type.




I saw that graph as well. shocking!


It’s not a complete thread until someone says “if this happened to _____, there would be _______” :rolleyes:


Double standard. That’s the recurring theme on here.

Silence for 8 years, and then BOOM! Trump gets in and all of sudden the establishment, elites, elite-wannbes and liberals go nuts.

Oh, and just for reference: white American liberals don’t get to decide what is racist. :dts: :nope:


No doubt. That’s one of many reasons why I think the only reason this country will be set straight is with another depression.


Correction: the alleged connection. :thumbsup:


They were working on connections.


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