“I’m against abortion,” and “sex is for marriage”— Miss World 2013 Megan Young


“I’m against abortion. I’m pro-life and if it means killing someone who’s already there, then I’m against that, of course. My beliefs are, no abortion.” And for sex before marriage, which is almost becoming a norm, the beauty says “Sex is for marriage, that is my belief.” To be pro-life is to be radical, especially at a time like this when promiscuity and sexual pervasion of all kinds are getting fashionable.

source hallmarknews.com/im-against-abortion-and-sex-is-for-marriage-miss-world-2013-megan-young/

this is fantastic news…

wasnt there a miss California not so long ago who caused a stir with the gay judge and the gay community for speaking her beliefs also?


Good for her.



God Bless Megan Young, Miss World 2013.

And yes, God Bless Carrie Prejean, Miss California.


Wow! Excellent news. What a wonderful lady. :slight_smile:


No doubt, Mrs. Young would have been applauded by the Hollywood left and mainstream news media if she expressed opposite beliefs. I don’t think she’ll be invited to the White House anytime soon. Thank you for speaking up Megan.:thumbsup:


Wow! I’m so impressed and happy that someone’s actually standing up for this position and we get to hear about it!! God bless her.


What a “breath of fresh air” so to speak…


Yes. But the “gay” judge forced her to give her opinion. And when it wasn’t what he wanted her to say he lashed out at her. By the way, why do they have homosexual men judging women’s beauty anyway when they are repulsed by women? Another thing that made no sense is how they made Ellen DeGeneres a “CoverGirl” when she tries to play a masculine role.


So what is she doing up there parading in her bikini promoting sexuality and the sexualization of women?.. Miss World is about that, is it not…

I’m not disputing what she is saying, but what is she doing?


Gay men aren’t repulsed by women; they just aren’t sexually attracted to them. Do you think straight women are “repulsed” by women? Gay men also tend to (though not always) drift into many of the same interests as women, such as fashion and makeup, so it makes sense they’d be judging a fashion show.

Also, Ellen isn’t butch; she’s chapstick. There’s a HUGE difference.





Do you actually KNOW any gay people?


you could say that about any body in a bikini at the side of a swimming pool/beach… or maybe modelling under wear in a catalogue…

could i ask why ave you got a rainbow in your sig ?




At the pool side you are wearing your bikini for a totally different reason…same with the store catalogues.

Re. the rainbow. I think they are beautiful, I love colours, all of them. I love nature, and this is about the closest I have in my files right now at hand. Also my son took this picture. :heart: I just like it. Why are you asking?


God bless her! What a true gem!


I disagree. I have no problem with girls and women of any age appearing in public with sparse clothing. This state of dress, or undress, certainly is attractive to men, but that’s the way that God made us, and real men understand that seeing this does not give them license to be crude or physical in any way. REAL men respect women, esp. GOOD women, and I salute Megan. :smiley: Rob


This isn’t about appearing, this is about portraying sg in a certain manner. At the poolside you are “appearing” at the beauty contest you are portraying. Big difference.

I agree about real men though, I just don’t understand why they are brought up here.


Carrie Prejean, she wrote a book about it called Still Standing.

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