I’m an atheist. My Catholic father thinks I’ll go to heaven


I agree. To what are you referring?


Correct. Correct. Can you see what I was trying to convey with that sarcasm?

Also, your mistake was not worthy of laughter, fyi




To this one.


…which implies what exactly (or whatever you’re referring to as “something else”)


It looks like sarcasm and not like he is laughing at the possibility of people going to hell.


I guess I wasn’t “connecting the dots :wink:” properly


What do you mean by that?


Glad it all worked out.


I’m sure you are :wink:


It sounds passive aggressive when you say it like that.


Yes, now you’re getting it!


Jumping into conclusions is something I’m trying to avoid.


Gorgias, whatever you meant here, do you mind elaborating how you feel about your view that atheists go to hell? Are you sad for them? Scared for them?Angry at their suffering? Confused? Which of these is the wink for?


Simple. You claimed that the citation of the catholic.com web page was irrelevant to the posts here. I connected the dots for you in that post, to demonstrate how it applied to the current discussion.

The Church doesn’t teach that atheists must go to hell, so I don’t believe it either.

However, you’re a Catholic, who later turned to atheism. That’s quite a different situation. If you knew that the Church taught the truth and then later left the Church, that’s different than never having accepted the Church’s teachings. And, it has different effects. That’s what’s got your father worried (and rationalizing on your behalf).

I think I would say that I hope you can find a way to again believe in the logic of the Catholic position. (I know that this is my personal experience – I researched Catholic theology and the Bible as an adult, and ‘read myself back into the Church’. I would hope you can find your way back again, too.

None of them. It was because you refused to see the connection between the posts. :wink:

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