I’m better than I thought. Imagine that!


I’m single and some of us have low self-esteem. And run through the years in that state. We are way too hard on ourselves.
My question:
How do we get past this?
My prayer:
We are destined to forgoe this and must unite it to Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls.
At the Last Supper, Christ changed bread and wine into His flesh and blood for us to knaw and savor, now, and unto to the ages of ages, and ever shall be.
St. John knew exactly what He said and consoled our Blessed Saviour. He was right there when our Lord expired holding His Mother so close. I like to think he had one eye open at Gethsemane when the others were asleep. To behold our Lord before his holy passion must’ve convinced him that he’d be a model, an instrument and a martyr for God. And how it grieved St. Mary Magdalene. She was sick to the bone, still, crying for mercy. The mother of our Lord was right there on the edge of every breath, word and gesture of Her Son.
Saint John pray for us, victums of justice and redeemed by His mercy. Amen.


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