I’m Losing Faith in the Catholic Church

Guys I’m sad at the state of the Church today. I just look around and see so much modernism and liberalism destroying the Church from the inside out. It tears me apart to see this Church like this that I could shed floods of tears. I see ecumenism going too far, I see our Pope saying things that are close to heresy, I see so many Catholics divided, and I see so many “Catholic” organizations like the SSPX or the Sedevacantists just showing how far we’ve gone. I’m near despair at seeing the Church. I prayed to God asking Him why He would let such horrible things happen to His church. To see modernism destroy the pure doctrine of the Church and to see the majority of our Cardinals not caring. I’m losing faith in the Church, almost tempted to just give up hope and become a sedevacantist. Please tell me I’m not going crazy.


My advice? Stop engaging with Catholic media. Stop reading about the latest “scandals,” listen to your priests, and focus on the sacraments. Christ is there and He isn’t leaving.


Do you believe Jesus when He said “The gates of Hell shall not prevail”? If the Church hasn’t been destroyed yet, despite the best efforts of both enemies and friends, I don’t see how the current situation is even coming close. Maybe instead of asking “why are these horrible things happening”, ask “what is it that is happening and help me understand it”.


Focus your faith in Christ. The Church is made up of flawed people. Christ is perfect.


Your religion is listed as “protestant”. Why so concerned with the Catholic church?



so He can see who are truly his flock


“The gates of Hell shall not prevail.”

He was talking about his Church, the Catholic church, with the Pope as it has always been.

Trust in Jesus Christ.

God bless you.


Oh I never updated that


It may be you’re seeking a religion rather than union with Christ ?

This is something you’ll have to discern, but keep in mind the Church is a very big tent and not every Catholic is going to conform to your taste in religion.

Religion and Faith are two different things, even though they are connected.

Seek Christ and his will above religion first, and all things will be added unto you.


Do you see these things first hand in the world around you or are you reading internet/blogs/Youtubers who spread these fears?

Christ told us “Fear not for I have overcome the world”.


How long have you been Catholic?


I was a Protestant, but then after researching more I found the Catholic Church to be the true church. Why?


So you are a convert, and if you are like me, you want to be sure to get it right?

I have learned over the years that Catholicism swings… imagine a pendulum going back and forth within a circle, but so slowly that we can’t really see a lot of the movement.

When the pendulum is at one end of its swing, we think that is where it is supposed to be, and when we see it start to swing in a different direction, we are very concerned. It seems wrong.

But the entire circle is Catholicism, we just seem to have a hard time focusing on more than one small spot.

There was a time when things were lax in the Church, so we started to tighten up. But of course, being human, we went a bit too far.

Now we are responding to that by changing direction and it seems like things are falling apart! But they are not, we are just receding from the extreme.

Don’t read those websites which cause you to become anxious. God has the whole Church in His Hands, and everything will b all right.


Because if you had Protestant in your profile, I would think you are a fairly new Catholic.


Less internet blogs.


Care to give example for both of the quoted portions above so people can help you?

And you see that as a solution?
Perhaps it is just that you have a misunderstanding of certain things.


Two things, 1…


The greater the onslaught upon the Church, from within and without, the more conviction I have that only the true Church would be so targeted by evil forces. That our Church has lasted so long is a testament to it being of God. Look towards the light, it shines brightest when surrounded by darkness.


So you see the folks who don’t recognize the Pope as the head of the Roman Catholic Church, and you give credence to what they believe, in that the Church has gone too far?

You side with the SSPX that “their” way is the only way to celebrate Mass, yet you say the Church is divided?

The only reason that the Church is divided is that folks don’t recognize that there is more than just one way to celebrate Mass. Just because it isn’t the way one thinks it is supposed to be doesn’t mean it is wrong.

As long as Mass is being celebrated based on what the Church says is acceptable, it is correct. The “my” version of being Catholic is better than your version of being Catholic is saying that you know more than the Church itself, which is heresy in itself.

Just something to think about.


Serious question: how would leaving Jesus help you feel better?


I have a friend that is about to enter the Church who is also troubled by all the scandals and controversies we see today. I must admit that I find much of this deeply troubling as well. What I usually tell my friend though (and myself), is to look at the history.

The history of the Church is full of scandals that would have killed any normal organization, but an even better example of how the princes appointed by God have abused their power can be found in the Bible.
The Church is the continuation of the Kingdom of Israel, and I don’t think I need to give any examples of how many Jewish kings and High Priests failed in their duty. Even so, God did not revoke their office. The first High Priest made a Golden Calf, and the last one killed Jesus. Despite this the Bible is clear that their Office is valid.

I know Pope Francis has said and done some bad things, but none of those can compare with the actions of Kaifas or Ahab. If God did not withdraw their Office, there’s no reason to think Pope Francis should be considered deposed. And the same goes for all the other Princes of the Church, a bad Cardinal does not invalidate the title of Cardinal.

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