I’m not a Mormon. Here's why...

This is an awesome video. I thought I had watched them all.


Here’s one that is worth watching. posted April 19, 2012 By Fr. Dwight Longenecker

The Book of Abraham


When I first started watching it was a little jumpy so I refreshed it.

Sorry Eric

this was very good

There is a gentle spirit of charity through this 56 min. video. I was overcome w/ a sense of sadness while listening to the Mormon’s explanation.

So sad continually seeing some Catholics seeking to prey on other Christians.

So sad to see such little energy devoted by those same Catholics evangelizing those who have never heard of Christ.


I thought it too long to look at. But scrolling down I was interested in an article about bad Christian music

Same here.

I felt the same way. It’s interesting that when someone is confronted with such overwhelming evidence against, they just can’t see for some reason. But then we are all that way about something, I suppose. I was talking to my TBM wife one morning about the problems with the Book of Abraham (we’ve had this discussion many times), and she said to me “have you ever read it”? I guess she thought if I read it I might get some “burning in the bosom” feeling. I just said to her that I’ve read Alice in Wonderland and it didn’t make it true either. :signofcross:

It was very well done, compassionate, and factual. I especially liked the dramatizations.

Gary, can you get your wife to watch it? Perhaps in little bits, as tolerated. It is tough medicine for the dedicated Mormon to swallow.

Arguably this group includes Mormons.

Certainly they don’t believe in the same Christ

There you go - arguably.

How about directing the same barbs on those who are clearly, unarguably, not Christian: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Confucianists, atheists, agnostics - or even redirecting waning Catholics.

No, that would be too difficult - and potentially too dangerous, for some of the Catholic intelligentsia, on this Forum.

Better to take satisfaction in fulfilling the Great Commission, by pointing out the superiority of Catholicism to those who are “arguably’” not Christian: Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists.


For Catholics, Mormonism is technically not a Christian religion. We do not consider Mormon baptism to be a valid Christian baptism because of their divergent views on the nature of God. So we are helping non-Christians come to Christ. I am a former Mormon myself.

Mormons have the same attitude towards Catholics and Protestant. That’s why they target us for conversion and why most of their converts come from a Christian background.

The Catholic Church teaches that Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, and almost all Protestants are fellow Christians. They believe in the same triune God and the same Christ who is both God and man. Mormons and JWs do not. Mormons and JWs are proudly non-Trinitarian.

Curious Seed:

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You are new to the Forum, and Welcome !

It is rare on this Forum to see posts from Catholics supporting Protestants.

It is common to see attacks on Protestants.

It is wonderful to want to help bring a non-Christian into the Catholic Church, but let us drop the weapons of derogatory debate, against brothers-and-sisters in Christ, even those considered close to the edge like Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, and present our apologetics to the clearly non-Christian community.

Infighting is a house divided, and a house divided is subject to falling.


Look at my listed religion, I’m not Catholic.

You’re holier than thou attitude does not help matters, and if anything is hypocritical considering the subject matter.

I said arguably out of consideration for those who might believe so, but in the view of the Catholic Church (for whom these forums were built), and even my own church, they are 100% without a doubt not to be considered Christians.
Which means that the people on this thread are doing exactly what you advised them to do - discussing non-Christians.

I can’t help but notice you are too timid to declare your own beliefs. Afraid they might be challenged? With your unfriendly attitude, it is no wonder.

Mormons are not our brothers and sisters in Christ. I don’t say that to be derogatory towards them. They just simply are not Christian. Neither are JW’s.

Judging from your behavior on forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=664212 ,I believe you understand that very well. :rolleyes:

Thank you, Iggy. Among many others, Iggy is a highly appreciated non-Catholic poster here. Lutherans are our close cousins. :grouphug:

You’re kinder than I deserve, Jerusha :hug1:

You are not Catholic.

I was addressing the vitriol of Catholics.

You said arguably out of consideration; but now, you no longer want to be considerate.

I understand - your attitude is friendly.


Perhaps you could point out the vitriol, Curious? At least, in this thread. Is pointing out that the doctrines of Mormonism are false some form of vitriol?

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