‘I’m Not Sorry.’ Indian-American Woman on Why She Confronted Sean Spicer in an Apple Store


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Since the video went viral, Chauhan said she has received a stream of furious comments on social media, including death threats, and she is worried her family could become a target.

Still, she has no regrets about the confrontation. “I’m not sorry,” she said. “What I did is like a blip compared to what this admiration is doing and what Mr. Spicer is complicit in doing, which is undermining this country’s constitution and our democratic values.”

The former teacher who now works for a nonprofit organization said she turned on her phone’s video camera after Spicer started answering her questions by repeatedly saying “thank you.”

She acknowledged that she was “not polite” to Spicer, and that her questions were not as “cogent” as she would have liked. “There are people that think I was rude, I was impolite, and I understand that,” she said. “He was just going about his regular business, and I get that. But it’s interesting to me that someone could go upon their regular business while supporting the tyranny of this administration.”

Chauhan said she opposes Trump’s immigration policies, including the revised travel ban announced last week, and she believes Spicer bears some of the responsibility. “He has a very powerful position. He has a direct role in this, and there’s a level of complicity,” she said. “He is the face of this administration. He has responsibilities as an American to the Constitution.”

All I have to say is-------if you don’t want Spicer to be rude to you and “threatening” to you, then don’t be rude and “threatening” to him. Constantly saying he works for a “fascist” does not enlarge the conversation. :thumbsup:
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Here’s how God views the left

A wise man’s heart inclines him toward the right,
but a fool’s heart toward the left. Ecc 10:2]

The farther left one goes, the bigger fool they become.

I would think anyone should be able to go shopping without being annoyed by others.

This reminds me of the viral cellphone videos of Jay Carney being heckled by conservatives whilst buying mangos at Wegman’s…


That was wrong, too, by the way. Don’t make this into a “Well, the crazies on the right do it too-----hypocrites!!!” :shrug:

I was kidding, no such videos exist because it never happened. Sorry. In fact, when I saw Carney squeezing his mangos, I recommended the tangelos.

Oh, sure, I agree.

But if you want to be in the public eye, you gotta be ready to take the heat. Mr. Spicer should know that.

This is a tempest in a teapot.

What it proves is most of the Left and many in the Right do not want a discussion of issues----they just want free range to insult you with impunity.

I would have told her----"Yes, ok, you think I work for a fascist and I should be ashamed of myself. You have made that point and the fact it is also obvious you do not want a discussion, just to make your point. If you want a discussion, we can have a discussion right here. If not, you made your point, now please let me go on about my business, you are harassing me. ":thumbsup:

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