Can anyone tell me how I can liven up things. I am so bored I’m sitting here peeling my skin off. Not really peeling, just biting my nails.


I am feeling the same way. Hope to learn some ideas from this thread.


Do I drink? No
Drugs? No
Friends over? No
Family over? No

I’m sitting here on CA watching YouTube videos.


Read a book.
Research something interesting on the internet.
Color a picture.
Play with a pet.
Play with a child.
Play with toys.
Darn some socks.
Research how to darn socks.
Turn off the lights and look out the window to see some stars.
Wash the dishes.
Clean the refrigerator.
Organize your closet.
Talk with your grandparents.
Talk with your parents.
Talk with your siblings.
Research your family history online.
Play a musical instrument.
Sew something.
Paint something.
Do a word puzzle.
Do a math puzzle.
Do a jigsaw puzzle.
Clean the bathroom.
Wash the dog.
Plan the family meals for a week.

Sheesh. It’s not like there aren’t things to do.


I need someone to help me clean…I’ll bet you do too. Get up off the couch.


start praying, if we have a prayer life we are never bored, got time, pray


As long as you’re watching videos, try these. :smile:

Full disclosure, I haven’t watched the full videos yet.


I have a personal library but not in the mood to read, as odd as that is for me.
No one is here but me at the moment, I could play solitaire I suppose.
The other stuff you mentioned sounds good, except the cleaning. :slightly_smiling_face:


Prayer is important, I prayed earlier as I do everyday, but I’m thinking more along the lines of having so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it. I doubt I’ll get much sleep tonight.:dizzy_face:


Thanks Mary! That’s the best motivational post I’ve seen in a long, long time.:+1:


Do you live in that part of CA that has nice weather?


Keep praying


Sleep on the streets tonight.


Go to the gym or alphabetize your sock drawer?


Write your memoirs.
(Maybe look for the spiritual path you’ve taken?)


Volunteer somewhere. Commit to a regular schedule. If you are still bored, up the time commitment. Sounds like you have too much free time on your hands. Keep busy and you won’t have time to be bored. :slightly_smiling_face:


I tend to be bored, even at work, and feel burned out whe I don´t have the chance to master a working process from the birth of the idea until the finished result is there. It lacks satisfaction, and this I compensate with handicrafts. It´s very calming and revitalising to have something done with your own hands.


I am in complete awe of this list.


Say a Rosary for the Church!


My children learned never to say “I’m bored” because I would assign them a chore.

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