I’m worried about Gods will


I’m really lost. This might just be scruples, but I am worried. I have left all sin and my mind has been renewed. I avoid anything that may tempt me. I no longer listen or watch ungodly things. My life is full of godliness. I do everything I can to live for God. I am worried about fun and pleasure. I enjoy a simple iced coffee from Starbucks once or twice a week. Nothing extreme and when I get them they are cheap. I have one cup of coffee in the mornings. I like to build puzzles occasionally. I am going on a trip to Vegas with my family to spend time together. I enjoy all of meals. Sometimes I go out to dinner with my family. I see all of this as a gift from God. Right now I am worried through and wonder if this is not Gods will. I don’t want to displease God over having a hobby or a Starbucks. Do these things displease God or go against his will? Is satan just trying to trick me? I’m probably just being scrupulous.


Indeed you are. And posting on CAF is not a good way to deal with scruples. See your priest or spiritual director.


Speak to your priest.


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