I made a seven sorrows rosary


Hi everyone,

I made a Seven Sorrows rosary, is this fine or should I switch out the miraculous medal with a crucifix?

I don’t have the Seven Sorrows centerpiece and the medal itself.



I don’t have access to a seven sorrows medal so when I make the seven sorrows rosary I use a miraculous medal also.


That’s very nice. I think it’s what’s in your heart when you pray the prayers that matters, not whether you used the medal or used a crucifix instead. Our Lady will be pleased with your efforts.
God bless


I am so impressed that you did this, and it looks lovely :slight_smile:

Maybe one day you will run across a crucifix and then you can put it on. Remember, this a sacramental, an aid to prayer, not A Thing in itself. IYSWIM.

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