I may have stigmata


It has taken me a while to make this posting, I have not spoken to anybody about this yet. A year ago I made my return to the Catholic faith I was born into. It was at the foot of a cross that looks over the city of Salta in Argentina where I was travelling through, There was also a Catholic religious festival happening there where I attended Mass. I had a spiritual experience with God there and finally made my return to my Gods church. I had not strayed to far before I always had a great devotion to Christ but finally my questions and doubts about the Catholic Faith were answered, my return was amazing. After that day sores appeared on my feet but left after a few days. But since then I keep feeling invisible sores. It is not too painful but it happens on both feet most days with no particular pattern, It reminds me to pray. I never wanted stigmatas, I never paid much heed to them but now I am considering it could be from God. I have grown even closer to God over the last year through prayer and Mass. I also have another strange occurence on my left side, it is more painful and has been happening to me over the last 4-5 years sometimes like a piercing of the side. This is one I should probably check out with a doctor. This is not occuring where there is any major body organ but more on the surface or slightly lower. I am not sure if Christ was pierced on the left or the right side but I just wanted to mention this also. God is and has been very active in my life, sometimes I have ignored but found myself heaved back but over the last year I am firmly in Gods hand.

My main question here what should I do, should I accept this as a personal blessing, should I tell people or should I seek spiritual or medical advice. I am not in torment over this, life is quite good for me. I am not obsessing either, but I would love to hear some more views. Even as I am writing this I felt a drop of water on my side, this is a first for me. Please advise me.

Again thanks to this amazing forum for being here.

God Bless.



Please seek medical advice first ASAP. And also talk to a trusted priest.
God bless!


I suggest getting a spiritual director (preferrably a priest). If you can’t find a spiritual director, talk to a trusted priest, like the previous poster said… the priest will help you discern if this is natural or supernatural, he might also ask you to see a doctor. Be totally honest and open with the priest, and follow what he tells you. God bless


As InLight said, your first priority should be to rule out any medical explanations. I think you should concern youself especially with seeking a possible medical explanation for the pain in your side. Of course, there would be nothing wrong with seeking spiritual advice from a priest, but I am sure that he would urge you to visit the doctor first. The Church is very cautious when it comes to strange occurrences such as stigmata and demonic possession, so while it does not rule out that such things can (and do) happen, the first port of call for the afflicted person is a medical professional to exclude the possibility of physical or mental illness.

I would never venture to make a judgement about what is causing the pain in your case & I wouldn’t deny the possibility of a supernatural explanation - I certainly believe that there have been a number of genuine cases of stigmata in the past & it is a topic which I am particularly interested in. Try to rule out certain things for yourself - I mean, could you be causing strain on your feet through work or exercise for example. I know you say you never wanted stigmata - so I think you should be wary of viewing the pain as stigmata at this stage, because the mind is very powerful and some people are more open to suggestion than others. There are cases of people who have caused marks to appear on their hands through “mind-power”; there are other cases of people being hypnotised while holding coins in their hands which they are told are red-hot and then burn marks appear on their hands. While none of these cases or explanations may apply to you, it is important to remember that there is a whole host of possible explanations which you must endeavour to rule out before you seek a supernatural reason. So, continue to pray - you will be in my prayers - but please see the doctor as soon as you can.


As suggested, natural causes must be ruled out before considering super natural causes.

If natural causes are ruled out, there could be many other causes, only one of them is stigmata.


Definitely seek medical attention first - could be you have a medical condition of some kind.

If there is no medical explanation, go straight to your priest and bishop, who will be able to advise you further. Remember it’s their role to investigate and rule on spiritual phenomena such as stigmata.


Exhaust all medical means first, including physiciatric and only then seek out a priest.
We are not qualified to tell you what you are experiencing.

One thing you should bear in mind is that the Church has only officially declared one person as having an authentic stigmata and that was St Francis.


The stigmata would hurt it is not a decoration. Perhaps you must consider a number of options. One it is physical like a parasite. Seek medical attention. At least to rule it out.

Two perhaps it is from the devil used to control you. We do not know at the beginning of a path were it may end.

Three it may be from God. I think if this is true it is not stigmata but as you said a reminder. God is a loving father who like the father of the prodical son runs out to greet his lost son. He obviously welcomed you back. Perhaps this is just gentle hints do this, watch out whit what you are thinking, stop and think before you act etc. This is common in many catholics I know. I know for myself if it is in the left foot it is something to watch in your feelings and attachments, if in the right something to watch in your intellect and warnings about demonic temptations. Sometimes it is just some small thing to offer up to remind us we are his because we forget so easily.

If you receive the actual stigmata it will hurt a lot and it will not go away. This is an external confirmation for others that you are really on the right path.


See a priest and see what the doctor says. Maybe your on the path of religious vocation. Just see what the priest says. But ouch that must hurt! That’s a grace you can bear it.


If you are having physical symptoms see a doctor.
If you are having spiritual experiences, see a priest.
No one here can help you with your personal situation.
Your key is in your first sentence–authentic spirital experiences are discerned with a trusted priest confessor or spiritual director, not with strangers on the internet, and not in one’s own judgement. In any case, no spiritual director will assume anything until you have a thorough medical check-up for anything physical you are feeling. Continue to pray, attend Mass and frequent the sacraments and offer up everything that happens to you to God. Do works of mercy and carry out the duties of your state in life–in other words, just the classic rules of Catholic spirituality. Ignore anything else as a distraction to prayer.


Thanks all for your replies, they have helped ground me on this one. I had planned and will visit my doctor. I had not convinced myself that I had stigmata I actually did not think I really had it I just thought this would be a good place to sound and get opinions on spiritual questions and thoughts I have.

I will update this post if I discover anything more.



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