I Maybe Going On My First Carmelite Retreat!


Its going to be in October but Oh my gosh I am so happy I just need my friend to take me over there to St. louis.

here is there wabsite carmelitedcj.org/retreats.asp


Congratulations! I hope that you find your visit to be fulfilling.


Wonderful! I'm sure this will be an amazing and holy experience.

I think, yes, I'm a little jealous... but in a good way. ;)

I will pray that you're able to go and that it's wonderful. God bless you.


Awesome! I went on my first vocational retreat EVER with them in August 2008. If you do go, my friend is a 1st year novice there, now. Her name is Sr. Mary Elizabeth. :)


That’s wonderful - I hope your retreat is the beginning of everything you desire!

I’m going on a retreat run by the Nashville Dominicans at the end of October (barring some external obstacle arising in the meantime), and will say a prayer for your intentions then. October can’t come fast enough!


carmelitegirl93 & Spiritu- Congratulations to you both. I Pray that you will both have a wonderful and most blessed experience.

May the Carmelite, Dominican, and all the Saints Pray for us all. Amen.

The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.

God bless,


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