I messed up my Divine Mercy novena

This year I had the intention of doing the Divine Mercy Novena. With minor issues (like me not having the apostle’s creed memorized and the special intentions memorized) I was able to get started.

I started on Good Friday and made it all the way to Wednesday. Friday I went to pray and realized I didn’t do Thursday’s prayer. Just great, now I got to wait until next year to get this novena done properly.

I got really down on myself on this. Jesus Christ comes and reaches out and I can’t even do a simple thing. sigh I can’t even persevere for a novena, I now have complete doubt about persevering to the end of my life. Awfully depressed.

Trust in Christ’s Endless Mercy. I’ve messed up a couple of Novenas myself, the best way I have found is to use the site below to send you the day’s prayers each day by email.


Do not worry about it! You could have said Thursday and Friday together! These things happen and it’s not as if you deliberately avoided saying it. I am sure Our Lord will understand.

Pray to God for forgiveness and guidance.

Did you attend Divine Mercy celebrations today?

Peace to you Dear Bob on this Divine Mercy Sunday. My prayer is that you feel the beauty and peace of the Mercy of our Dear Savior Jesus.

Rejoice in the Divine Mercy of Jesus. Rejoice with all of us, we all fail every day in so many ways and yet God’s Mercy reigns down over us.

Look at the beautiful picture of Jesus in the Divine Mercy picture. Those rays of Mercy are for you and me and all of us. None of us deserve this Mercy, yet He pours it out on all of us - even on those who do not know Him.

Please be at Peace.

I applaud your dedication, but take care not be be scrupulous.

That’s not the purpose of this novena. Novenas are prayers said for nine days, but in this one, each day Jesus asks us to lift up a certain group of people that are dear to His heart, and implore mercy for them. Each day has a different intention, whereas any other novena has only one intention that is prayed for nine days. Can we not impolore Jesus’ mercy for others on any given day, and not during a 9 day run? It becomes almost superstitious and legalistic to be so precise and think Jesus would not hear your prayer if it happened to be broken for a day.

It is not useless if you missed a day, except that you just missed that day’s intention. Don’t be so hard on yourself. :wink:

Me too! John-Paul and Annie have 45,000 members praying now, let’s keep spreading the word. Join us on PrayMoreNovenas.com, please.

No worries, I missed one day this year for the novena as well and just prayed two days intentions on the next day. Our Lord is extending his mercy and grace- He is not trying to trip you up on a technicality, so trust in His mercy today and know it is for you!

God Bless,


My heart aches for you because I feel you are needlessly in pain.

Jesus wants you to experience his mercy and love, and the ultimately opening yourself to His love – not jumping through “hoops” ( I mean that respectfully) or trip you up as another poster said.

His mercy and love is meant for you – now!

Are you awfully depressed or is it just a figure of speech?
If you are genuinely awfully depressed about this situation then I would recommend a little bit of congitive behavioural thereapy. It will help take the pain away from the issue.

It matters not in comparison to other life events, I know that with having Asperger’s, what feels small and insignificant to other people can be a major catasphrophy in my world and thankfully I have a very patient priest. But we need to assess for ourselves in reality that whilst for us it is a big deal, in life events there is a proper place and I know that is hard and it hard not to grieve over something that we have failed to do that is nothing to someone else. So yes, allow yourself the time to grief and accept the failing. Okay, you forgot it… you resolve to do better next year. What are you going to do now to help you resolve to do better next year? ie make a calender of the days that you are going to say it and tick it off as you do so, so that you know you haven’t said it before going to bed that night… or whatever your plan is. Have a good think how you might improve your chances for next year. Put it to one side and carry on with life and do not let the depression totally consume you.

In between time, if you haven’t then why not seek out a spiritual director and they might be able to guide you in the direction you are wanting to try and pursue which will also help you equip yourself for once of promises and routines of how to carry on if you forget.

It is hard to accept what we find it hard to break down what others class as minor in day to day living. But we do have to and find ways that works for us so that we don’t become too overloaded.


I was not dedicated enough. I broke the novena.

Now I got to wait until next year to try again.

Our guardian angel always handles our little goof ups! lord knows how many rosaries she’s finished for me, let your guardian angel help you out.

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

There’s no contest with Olympic judges holding scoring placards at the end, critiquing your style and form. There will be no revocation of graces given because you forgot to do part of your plan. You’re praying, you and other people are receiving graces, and Jesus is pleased. :slight_smile:

Jesus is still reaching out. Ask for and accept his mercy. Be merciful. Trust in his mercy.


  1. It’s not the end of the world. Jesus forgives and is merciful. That’s the point of Divine Mercy.

  2. You can do the Novena at any time.

Lighten up and don’t worry so much.

Not the specific one for Good Friday through Divine Mercy Sunday. I can only do that once a year, during that time.

***You don’t have to wait till next year to pray the Divine Mercy Novena, you can start it again - just like any other novena it can be done any time of the year. There are many novenas that traditionally begin nine days prior to the specific feast day associated with that novena; however all of them can be prayed at any time of the year, as often as you wish. ***

If you were thinking of the plenary indulgence associated with the devotion on Devin Mercy Sunday, the novena is NOT one of the requirements for that indulgence.
The Lord’s mercy is endless!

The Lord said He would grant graces to those who say the chaplet at anytime. He did not tie it to a specific season of the year. He will grant you graces for saying it, asked that it would be said as much as possible, for sinners at the hour of death, etc. I would be careful here in beating yourself up to much about this, or to think that saying it before Divine Mercy Sunday is more important than any other time. To do so is to doubt God’s mercy and is counterproductive to the whole point of the devotion.

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