I miss listening to Eminem

His songs are pretty much evil to varying degrees and to be avoided. But I still remember a lot of his songs and in many ways they were amazingly well-done. I know there’s nothing to say in response, and this might not even be the right forum or even website to say it. But it’s been on my mind for a few years, ever since becoming a Christian and then a Catholic, and I just needed to say it I guess.

Just putting this out there but I am a christian and a catholic and I have no problem what so ever listening to him. I own all of his albums and I love his music (I will only listen to rap if Eminem does it). In fact I am listening to him right now “Love the way you lie” with Rhianna is one of his better songs.

While it’s OK to have unbidden wistful thoughts about our past life and evil ways, we should not revel in them or become covetous of those ways or people who still practice them. Just look what happened to Lot’s wife.

[BIBLEDRB]Genesis 19:23-26[/BIBLEDRB]

We have died to sin through baptism. Let us never wish to live in sin again.


Listen to him if you like him. Maybe you could get edited song versions if his songs contain a lot of profanity. If he raps about violence, drugs, etc. but you like the sounds of the music, then listen for the sounds. The music alone won’t change your behavior.

You are not the OP’s confessor. I exhort anyone who is in doubt about the sinfulness of an activity to discuss it with their confessor and abide by his guidance as pastor of their soul.

The Catechism speaks on this point – we are to avoid the near occasion of sin. Although the OP should discuss issues like this with his or her spiritual director, not every decision must get clearance if the OP has a well-formed conscience.

I fully agree with the advice to let go of all attachments to this world, whether sinful or not, because even non-sinful attachments are unhealthy and dangerous for the soul.

And yes, Eminem’s music is pretty much entirely sinful in one way or another, because of the words and sound effects. So even listening to it would be sinful, it would be like me saying to God “well, even though I love you, I’m okay with offending you by listening to music that offends you, because it’s just that good” which is of course insane.

I’m giving my opinion (it’s an implied opinion due to the fact that it’s my typed answer) on a public forum. The OP made a post on this public forum because he wanted comments and responses. If not, he would have kept to himself. You don’t have to tell me that I’m not a confessor; you can disagree with me. If the OP wanted a confessor, then he would have gone to one.

In light of the fact that this is a Catholic forum, it was a poor answer, not one in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. You are entitled to your opinion, but the Catholics here are entitled to disagree with it.

The Church does not tell us to stay away from secular music. I think that the suggestion of buying the edited versions of the songs was appropriate.

There’s no way to edit the songs to make them listenable except to change the lyrics completely. And then that would take away some of the charm in the same way that translating Confessions of Saint Augustine to English took away some of its charm which could only be appreciated in the original Latin.

I don’t think the OP is referring to ‘past sins’ as much as referring to the moments where Eminem’s music actually meant something more substantial than rap’s usual tripe of sex, drugs, and gangsta culture.

Define attachment. Attachments that are harmful in any shape or form are already sinful. If that’s your definition, there is no such thing as a ‘non-sinful’ attachment.

On the other hand, a ‘non-sinful’ attachment that is defined by moderation and even as a reflection of what’s good in being human is far from unhealthy. To say otherwise would actually give a good moral case to commit suicide.

There is no such thing as a sinful sound effect.

And obviously, you’ve never really dug deep into the essence of Eminem’s better songs. I’d take songs that tell me to stand up for myself and grab every God-given opportunity than religious hymns lacking empathy.

“Lose Yourself” is a great song, the communication of the frustration of poverty, the desperation, the desire for the opportunity for a better life and the guts, ability to step up to it, use your God given abilities to their fullest and fulfill your responsibilities to take care of your family.

The message in music, like any art form, depends just as much on the audience and how they perceive it as it does on the author/composer and what they intend to convey. Morally, the message in the musical ‘Grease’ is far more offensive to me than what I’ve heard of Eminem. (not much of his that I’ve listened to more than once, Lose Yourself is kind of an exception for me). I don’t think there’s harm in listening to music, or viewing an artist’s work, considering it in the context of one’s own values. You’ve a pretty weak moral foundation of music will influence you to abandon your values.

Exactly! If people can interpret poetry and fiction through the lens of their own values, how are songs any different?

As far as Lose Yourself goes, you are spot on. God gave us our hands, our minds, our WILL so why not use them? Why do we let ourselves be trodden down by circumstances? It’s gotten to the point that we’ve allowed even our faith to be an excuse for sloth. We are made in God’s image and likeness for heaven’s sake! We should stand up and fight! Before we go running to Him and asking Him to play genie, let’s look to what He has already given us!

Problem with songs is there are two things going on, the music itself and the lyrics. Used to hear the Kinks song ‘Lola’ and never thought much about it. Ok tune, kind of catchy.

Then I actually listened to the lyrics, now I can’t listen to it. Just not a message I want to hear despite the tune.

That’s precisely the song I first thought of - fantastic!

Stan? Not so much. Any other of his songs that I’ve ever heard? Not so much either.

Sound effects that are sinful? Well, offhand I can think of a couple of songs that do have sound effects that are entirely sinful - won’t name them lest others go and listen to them. None of them are rap songs, oddly enough.

I did not say what you attributed to me. Please pay attention to your quotes and get it right next time.

Hey cool off and sue me. I’m only human. :ehh:

Not everyone has the same taste in music but I don’t get all that concerned about lyrics in songs, its more about why you’re listening to it. Afterall, some people like horror movies or romance movies or gangster movies but I don’t think it means their souls are in danger, its just a form of entertainment, distraction, storytelling, etc.

As for Eminem, I do like his song Lose Yourself.

You think that garbage he raps about takes talent? It really doesn’t. It’s just garbage lined up to look nice, but it can’t hide from Gods eyes, and I believe it is disgusting.

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