I miss my family

my hubby is stuck in this awful grind of a big city. we have been here going on 9 years:( he is likely going to get a job offer on thursday. i don’t want him to work here. my family is 8 hours away from us, and i don’t get to see them often enough:( i saw mom for the first time in 5 years at my brothers funeral:( iam not well enough to travel to see them:( my family is wide spread. some of them at the coast, some in the interior of the next province over, and 1 up north. they are far away:( i get to see some of them once a year. i miss them:( all of them:( my husband wont move because of his job. i can understand that, considering he is getting older and its hard to get a job at his age. he’ll be 44 this november. i want to move back to the province where i grew up in so i can be with my mom and my brother and sister. i miss my dad too. i wish we could be together, but frank doesn’t want to move. job security. iam thankful he is working, and so on, but i want to move. he has no ties in canada because his family is from germany. but i do. please pray that frank finds a job in the next province so we can move and i can be near my beloved mother.

sorry if i seem a bit bummed:(

Aww, I am sorry you are missing your family, that is quite natural to want to be with them and see them. I know you must be torn wanting dh to have job and seeing your family.

I will pray that it will work out for you to be with your family and dh to have his job.

Place your trust in God, for He knows what is best.


How does that song go…
Suddenly skies will clear up… put on a happy face:)
and spread sunshine all over the place…
just put on a happy face…:slight_smile:

I will certainly pray the Holy Spirit to fill you up to over flowing with his love, peace and joy. I know exactly how you feel. Much of my family lives far away including my mom, and yesturday the Lord said “Call your mom” “Now!”. I did and she was crying and she said, “Linda, how did you know to call me?”, I said I didn’t but the Lord knew you needed to talk.
My point being that God knows your tears, God knows your sighs, and he will be the one to fill you up. So now look up and look for that sunshine, and know the Lord is with you through all of this even when he feels so far away. I pray the Lord’s will be done and your husband to be open to what ever the Lord plans in your future. :extrahappy:

iam very close to my family. if anyone knew them, they’d adore my family:D so its hard not to miss people you dearly love:(

You are in my prayers!

thanks!:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Praying for you, Hon.


Praying for you!

Me too.

ty:) :thumbsup:

I know sweetie. Hang in there. I am missing my mom too. :frowning:
The only thing I do at these times is offer my pain to Jesus. I will continue to keep you in prayer until you see a rainbow.

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:

I know the ache - I don’t have family where I live either. My prayers are with you my dear. I pray to the Blessed Mother for intercession on your behalf!

Praying for you. :crossrc:

iam praying for you sir!

I know how hard it is to be away from family. I moved away from mine right after finishing my undergraduate work to pursue my graduate studies. I was young, and also about 8-9 hours away from my family. It was heart-wrenching. Hang in there!

May the Prince of Peace calm your heart, and may your tears turn into rejoicing! Praying for you!!! :console:

I hope you and your husband can work it out so that you can move closer to home. Until then, “Bloom where you’re planted”!!:slight_smile:

its not going to be worked out because he will be offered that job tomorrow, i just know it! its a gut feeling. as long as the pay is good and sustainable we are not going anywhere. i love and respect my hubby so i have to support him, it is my Christian duty to support my beloved hubby. :slight_smile: i stay where he is:)

It is okay to be homesick. Try to keep your chin above water. Praying

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