I miss the Gloria, but God provides!


I was telling my husband Sunday morning before Mass how much I miss the **Gloria **during Advent and Lent. It’s one of my favorite sung prayers in Mass. Oh, though, how I love the return of it!!

Yesterday, after Mass, I returned my newly purchased, and newly defective :smiley: , laptop. I pulled into the parking lot, and saw a car with the license plate, Gloria. I didn’t even think twice about it. I went in, returned my laptop with relative ease (wow!), and even received $50 because the price had gone down! WOO HOO! So I thought I’d treat myself to lunch across the street (mmmmm garlic biscuits!).

Now, as I went to Mass yesterday morning, even before I knew I would be getting some cash back, I was praying to the Lord and asking what He wanted me to do for Him that day. I saw a few people walk by, and I asked Him, “Lord, do you want me to talk to that person?” I never felt that He was calling me that direction.

As I sat in the restaurant, I noticed an elderly couple, who seemed to be struggling figuring out their bill. I wondered if I should buy their lunch. It took 3 times, but I finally heard Him say, “YES, CHRIS!” Despite wanting to stay anonymous, the waitress told them it was me. They came over, very moved. Her name? Gloria!

Thank you Father for providing me with Gloria during Advent…even if it took me awhile to ‘get it’.

(While this is ‘spiritual’, I posted in the Liturgy forum because it’s the Gloria in the Mass that the triggered this experience.)


Visit a Byzantine Catholic parish. We pray the Gloria at the end of Orthros (aka Matins) right before the Divine Liturgy (aka Mass). :wink: :smiley:


Next Sunday will be the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and at least in the EF it will be said or sung. In Latin of course.


I love your story! I love that it shows God does provide, in the most unexpected ways :smiley:


Wonderful! I love when God makes Himself so apparent in our lives.
Sometimes we just don’t see the subtle stuff and He steps it up for us.
God bless you and keep you, and may He keep providing the Gloria for you throughout Advent.


I miss it too. I loved it as I came into the Church and love it now still. I have a particularly moving classical music version I like to listen to. It almost sounds like the angels are there singing right along with the choir! It is in Latin.



What a great story! Thanks for sharing something where there is no doubt in my mind
God was intervening…


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