I missed mass because I was not able to get there?


hello, I have seemed to missed mass because I had gone to a friends’ house, and I couldn’t be able to go to mass, because nobody was able to drive me. is there any way I can make it up, and will I have to go to confession again for this? thank you for any replies.


If your missing of mass is not intentional then it is not a sin. You planned to go, but the plans fell through. It would be no different then if on the way to Mass your car broke down. When I was in the Army, years ago, something would come up and I would miss Mass due to no fault of my own.


It is no sin to miss Mass if we honestly could not get there.

You can read the Mass readings online and meditate on them. You can watch the Mass readings and homily on EWTN when it is posted.

Daily Mass readings on EWTN website:

EWTN Youtube channel:


While I agree with the above posters that it is not a sin to unintentionally miss mass, poor planning on our part does add to culpability.

When you know it is Sunday, and you know you have an obligation to go to Mass, you must plan ahead for how you will get there and arrange your schedule of visiting friends around Mass. For example, you could have gone to Mass first and then visited the friend.

It is best to bring it up in confession and also to plan ahead from now on.


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