I Missed Mass Today


I feel lower than snail slime…I missed Mass today.
Is it a sin if I truly forgot?


Daily mass is not a requirement, only Sat. night or Sunday mass is.


If I recall, NY is a state where today is a HDO. Perhaps there is somewher around that has an evening Mass? If not and if you truly forgot, then spend some time in extra prayer and do the readings this evening.

We got ready and WENT to Mass this morning, and in our State the observation of Ascention has been moved to Sunday (each Bishop can decide to move it or not…)


Hi StratusRose–Today is considered a holy day of obligation…equal to a Sunday mass.

Lynnie–if you truly forgot, no it’s not a sin. :slight_smile: Remember…a mortal sin has to have intent, and full knowledge. So, no you didn’t commit a mortal sin by not attending mass today (Ascension Thursday)…

don’t feel like snail slime…aw:o


It is?? What day is it?


Was this written today…as in Thursday? LOL We are all confused. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ascension Thursday, StratusRose…by the way…I have wanted to ask you this for some time…lol…what does your user name mean? It’s neat.:slight_smile:


I agree. I forgot too.


I hate myself now.


poop, never even crossed my mind! :frowning: our diocese tends to move HDO to Sundays tho, and they probably did since I don’t recall it being in the bulletin or announcements sunday.


come on peeps…don’t get down on yourselves.
I have forgotten Holy Days of Obligation (wish they’d change that name…I never like that they are called that) and what I have chosen to do is go to another weekday mass the following week…not saying to make up for it, but it is a way of telling God…I forgot, and even though it’s not sinful, I want to give up an extra hour in church for you.

Just typing out loud again.:slight_smile:

PS: priests or someone who does announcements should state it at the end of mass…it is helpful. If I’m not reminded…I tend to forget. Do any of you have a Catholic calendar?


I go to a very orthodox parish and we were told it was moved to Sunday, that today is not a holy day of obligation.


maybe it varies between Dioceses…but it’s marked on the Catholic calendar that way…usually it can be moved to Sunday, if it falls on a Monday…my parish does that.

What is an orthodox parish, exactly?


Yep! Every December, there are boxes and boxes of beautiful calendars (both Spanish and English) given out in every Parish in our State :thumbsup:


I think they are great–!


It wasn’t an HDO in our archdiocese, but the kids and I were lucky enough to go anyway :slight_smile: I almost didn’t make it, but I think Jesus had other plans!


Loyal to the Magisterium. :slight_smile: Not happy-clappy, honey in the eucharist type parishes.:wink:


It depends on where you are. All US ecclesiastical provinces, except Boston, Hartford, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and the State of Nebraska, have transferred the celebration of the Ascension to the Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 20 2007. If transferred, Thu May 17 2007 is observed as an Easter weekday.


I wonder why that is? Yes, you are right. I didn’t mean to assume.:o


LOL–ok…never heard it described that way-my hubby will get a kick out of that. I would think we are attending an orthodox RCC then. :slight_smile:


Hmm. Our priest didn’t even mention it at Mass last Sunday. Perhaps it’s not a HDO for us.

I have/had 2 guitars. One was a Fender Stratocaster that I named “Stratus,” I sold it a couple years ago…the other is a Fender Grand Auditorium Series acoustic guitar. I named it “Rosebud” because the the fretboard is made from rosewood. So I just combined the names and dropped the ‘bud.’ I thought it was neat, also. :slight_smile:


that’s cool:)

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