I Missed Mass Today


Yes, but I was at 2 different specialists for my child today to determine if there is a neurological disorder that we would have never known about had a bee sting and a fever not happened.:frowning:

My mother is here, helping, my husband took time off work where he could- an my child is sleeping more than ever with all the commotion going on here. I feel bad spending time with my kid now when godparents, gradparents and my Priest have been around the house so much since it all started.

I should not be here, but in a way its good for me now. I dont want to deal with this now. I know I have to, but so far so good.

I knew I had to go today, but I kept telling myself that my kid’s appointments were stopping me. I did go,After- not Mass, only to stand before Our Lady- but I wish I had not.:frowning:

I am not up for this. I hope God forgives me for being a bad mom and a bad Catholic now.

I cant function now. I am really trying to ignore reality now. And hide here.



you are not a bad mom…or a bad Catholic. God loves us…You weren’t spitefully ignoring mass…your child needed you…don’t be too hard on yourself.:frowning: Mass is actually more for us than for God…when you think about it. *God hurts for us *when we *choose to miss *mass…and I sometimes think that is why the RCC considers it sinful, because we are hurting God. (not God being angry, like many think) But you didn’t choose it. Your child needed you…

I will say a prayer for you and your family.



Yep, our Archdiocese of Washington did move the holy day to Sunday.



if you are obligated to attend Mass on the Ascension by your bishop, then you are fine.

If you have a child who is having a bad reaction to a bee sting, then you are caring for that child, and are not required to attend if your diocses does require it.

Whether or not a bishop chooses to move Ascension to the next Sunday does not make him orthodox or heterodox. I can think of two bishops, Sartrain and Doran, who are very orthodox, and who will be celebrating the Feast of the Ascension on Sunday. Both dioceses have a large service (pink and blue collar) population who might have trouble attending Mass on Thursday. Neither of these bishops is big on liturgical abuses.



I have one of these and I too think they are great…no excuses that way!




I didn’t go, either. I’m currently going through a spell of severe depression and I’m even missing Sunday masses. I just can’t make myself go. :frowning:



I never heard of pink collar work. What is that? I’ve only heard of blue-collar and white collar.


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