I missed Mass....was it a sin?


Hi. I missed Mass today and I want to make sure my reason was jus. I was up and getting ready for Mass and I ran from the kitchen to my room to start to get dressed ( I was not running late I just run through the house for the heck of it sometimes lol) and slammed my foot on a chair so hard it knocked me over. And I was in so much pain that I stayed on the couch pretty much all day except to use the bathroom and eat. Was it wrong for me to stay home? I think it was ok since I was in so much pain that I couldnt go anywhere today at all (I still dont think I could stand to put on shoes).


If you were incapacitated you had no obligation to go to a Sunday and/or Holy Day of Obligation Mass. You should go to the hospital to let a doctor look at your injury if it is that bad. From the sounds of it, you probably broke a bone or did some other kind of injury requiring treatment.


I don’t think that was a sin. You were injured, and couldn’t walk or put on shoes, or probably drive (depending on what foot it is, and whether you drive a stick or automatic). It’s not like you didn’t go to mass, then an hour later went out for coffee or something.

How’s your foot now? Do you think it’s broken? I’m forever bashing my baby toe on the furniture. Once it stayed purple and swollen for a week. I’m assuming I broke it, but I’ve been told that there’s nothing you can do for a baby toe except let it heal (i.e., you can’t cast it), so I just limped around until it got better.

Oh, and my Grandma (God rest her Soul, she died a couple months ago at age 101) used to run through the house, “just to see if I can still do it.” :slight_smile:

In Christ,



It still hurts. I dont think its broke because I can still bend my toes it just hurts when I do. I can walk now (with a limp) better then earlier. I am waiting to see how it feels tomorrow.


Just because you can bend your toes doesn’t mean it isn’t broken. Did is swell like a balloon?

Depending on if and what you broke, they may be able to do something or nothing at all except tape it. They would give you some happy drugs though. Think about the ER if it is swollen just to get an X-ray and help with the pain.


Not a sin.

I hope you feel better soon.


Careful, baiting. Search his posts.

Yesterday he was talking about being single forever (in vocations) – to ask today: “is stubbing a toe therefor not attending Mass a sin?” Wow, this sounds a lot (with misspelling) like Andy-the-none-Catholic.

Something is rotten in Holland, that’s all I am saying.


As I said, Andy is almost entertaining. This one just doesn’t cut it. These scrupe ones are not worth the time- Although whoever came up with the excess of magazines thread is certainly creative!


I had no idea that so many people suffered from scruples until I read all these posts on CAF. Most Catholics I know IRL are the total opposite…“do whatever you feel is right, it’s all good!”


No, this wasn’t a sin. You have a valid reason for missing Mass.

Hey, you guys. This is a Catholic forums, don’t nitpick over spelling or scrupulosity. I’ve done the whole ‘get a new screenname and post questions because of uncertainty.’ Scrupulosity is a form of OCD, it isn’t easy. Some people need to hear that it isn’t sinful a few times before their mind wraps around the mind.

As for Andy_42, he isn’t Catholic. His girl is, he’s trying to understand. A secular mind is both interested, frightened and trying to accept the divine rules of the Catholic Church. Being told everything you believe is sinful, possibly mortally so, is a big thing to grasp.

There’s a whole other thread where someone wrote about a Eucharistic Minister who they believe is in mortal sin. Everyone jumped on the OP and told them not to judge unless they are certain or have seen the offense. Well here’s your own advice in return: Don’t judge unless you are certain. So what if it’s a troll? You fed it- maybe someone else with a similar question who isn’t a troll will see it. Or it isn’t a troll at all, just someone awkward with the computer or with words. Always assume the best, treat with kindness and with charity. Jesus didn’t give the woman caught in adultery a long rant about how she should have known better, questioned her intelligence, or make a comment about how she sounds like the other sinner down the street. He saved her from stoning, and then told her to sin no more.

Apologies for off-topic rant.



Who’s Andy? This is a new poster?? (with a sore toe - ouch!)


No it’s OK – you made a valid point —

I confess it is a bit trying to see such a huge upsurge in scruples questions coinciding with the let-out of school for the summer. Some of these are simply baiting questions, and if they are not meant to be, they are certainly offensive. Not this post we are on mind you, but I suspect you know to which I am referring.

God bless you your patience and charity, Ill do my best to remember my own.


They are also the ones who do not spend any times on Catholic Forums…

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