...I must be crazy


I must be crazy. Many people think I am.

I am turning down a scholarship that I applied for and prayed for. It is to study Catholic Studies and general arts at Kings University College. It is worth $4,000 in first year and $3, 000 for three consecutive years - a total value of $13, 000.

I am instead applying to Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy(OLSWA) in Barry’s Bay. It is not an accredited school (yet), and so it cannot grant degrees. There are no scolarships. There is not even OSAP to apply for, as it is not yet accredited and OSAP only supports accredited schools.

In order to get there, I will most likely have to take another year off of school. The goal will be to save enough money for at least one semester, though I would prefer to experience a full year of OLSWA.

If it is the case that I must work for a year, I will remain in Sarnia for that year. I might study Spanish, and I am going to look into courses to qualify as an ESL teacher. I hope I might be able to go work with NPH one day.

NPH is an organization that was started by a Catholic priest. The people involved with NPH care for orphans in the economically poorer countries. I stress ‘economically poorer’ because I realized, when on a RayJon trip to the Dominican Republic, that at least some of these 3rd World Countries are actually very rich. They are blessed with a culture, with a faith, and with a joy that goes far beyond anything most of us in “first class” countries possess. We are poisoned by our consumerism.

I don’t know, though. I haven’t looked into it. I am not yet qualified, and I don’t know for sure what they would require, other than that the applicant speak the language of whichever area they are applying to work in.

I am giving up an immediate future that seemed so certain so that I can work towards something so uncertain.

Yet, I hope OLSWA will help to form me in my faith; I long to be instructed in Catholic history, culture, and theology - and thus, it is OLSWA that offers the one thing I desire so much: a chance to grow intellectually, emotionally and actually closer to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Paraclete.

Thus I am looking forward to this coming year, be it one spent at OLSWA or one spent at home in Sarnia. It is not Kings. It is not University (not yet).

I must be crazy. Many people think that I am; when they tell me so, I say ‘Amen to that!’

in love and faith,
and full of hope,


Pray on it, and pray again.

Sometimes God’s plan for us takes us on an adventurous journey. May you pray for wisdom and strength to guide you on the right path.

How is that crazy???



What’s so special about that unaccredited school anyways?
So, you’ll be wasting money to attend a school that won’t even credit you for your time and effort?
If that’s the case, yes, you’re crazy!!!


If you feel God is leading you there…then, let them think you’re crazy!:slight_smile: Nice to see someone following God’s will, albeit a more tedious path to get there…may God light this pathway for you, and make each step purposeful for Him. I hope things work out for you.


You want to make God laugh?

Tell him your plans! :smiley:

Do whatever God wants you to do.


You’re going to run into problems if your school isn’t accredited and you want to teach .I would hesistate to go to school that has not become accredited yet, as I am sure some of the Ave Maria students could tell you.


To turn down a scholarship to an accredited school so you (or your parents) can spend $$ on an unaccredited school -

My advice, we are called to be good stewards. To thumb your nose at a scholarship seems a bit, well, presumptious. Is there not a chance that God gave you the blessing of a scholarship?

Why not give the school with the scholarship a try?


Sorry, but I have to agree with maria_29 and kage_ar. What would be the problem with going to the school that is offering you a scholarship? Since you would have to wait a year to go to the unaccredited school (which, as others have mentioned, might be a complete waste of time if your degree is not recognized), why not spend that year at the other school where you won’t be wasting your money? At worst, you’ll have a year of transferrable credits under your belt. At best, you may find that you love the school and feel at home there.


Saoirse, what are your goals? You speak of working for NPH - what skills do you need for that?

What vocation is God calling you to? What profession are you hoping to support yourself with? What education does one need for that profession?

What college you decide to attend can only be arrived at after you answer these other questions.


I guess I look at it a little differenty…

maybe I should’ve mentioned some more of my reasoning.

I am a Catholic Neophyte this year, and I am desperate for further formation in my faith. Don’t get me wrong; we learned loads in RCIA - but I always had more questions than the catechists could answer.

OLSWA offers courses on almost anything I could want to learn about! latin, ecclesiastical music, chorus, liturgy for the laity - they have courses on everything!

Every moment I have spent in prayer for the last while has made me only more certain, in my core, that this path is the right one for me this year, if I can get there. If I cannot get there, then I’ll work another year and put away the money so I can go next year. (right now, things look extremely hopeful :D)

after a year of further formation and growth at OLSWA, I don’t know where exactly I’ll go. I may choose to take more courses… I may choose to apply to Trent for their concurrent ed. program, with english and history as teachables, and then come back home to Sarnia and find a job teaching here.

I may go overseas to with NPH or a similar organization, and work with the children there.

I may join a religious order and follow whatever road that could lead me on.

I honestly don’t know (although, another thing I am always certain of when I am praying is that I will never love another man like I love Jesus…I love spending time in prayer and I know I want my life to be centered upon the Eucharist especially, and also upon devotion to the Blessed Virgin… I also, however, desire to be a mother to my own children one day, so much so as I wonder if I could pass that up… I get so attached to people, too, and I think there’s a chunk of me that wants to be exactly like the people I love so much here at home in Sarnia)

but I do know that OLSWA will help me to get there better than anywhere else can (and Ave Maria was also suggested to me as an option, but being State-side it is completely and utterly out of my financial reach)

must be going (it is getting late and I am exhausted)

love always


Why don’t you join a religious order now? If you’re serious they might help foot the bill for school.


I do not join a religious order now because I am a neophyte - newly baptized - and there is a required waiting period after entering the Church.

also, it it only one of several possible paths (though it is a favoured one) - I just wish to keep the possibility as open as possible while I take time to become further formed in my faith and find the path which God would have me choose.

love always,


the virtue of prudence is the first of the cardinal virtues, and all such decisions should be weighed first in light of this virtue.
I hope by this you mean that you are the one who will be paying the balance of your education cost if you turn down the scholarship, and not your parents.


I have never laboured under the illusion that I would have the support of my parents or family; my mother is unable as she has four young children still in her care (she’s a single mom) and my father has never left any doubt in my mind that I am completely without his help - even for finishing highschool.

Apparently, however, someone has contacted the couple I have been rooming and boarding with (who have acted more like parents to me in this past year than anyone else could or would) and told them that they would like to help me get to OLSWA in September if at all possible.

I, apparently, am not allowed to know who these people are - but it is their intention to raise enough support for me to go for one year - and then it would be up to me to work while attending school, and save enough for a second year’s education (or to begin education at an accreditted school to become a teacher).

I am in total shock… my pride would have me wait another year and make the money on my own… but I know that everyone who cares about me will be happier to have me away at school right away, and that as it took so much knocking to get God to open this door once - He may not open it a second time.

I am going to OLSWA in the fall, as long as they accept me. I will seek to study everything from Church History to Theology to Church Culture…

I’m excited! Though - it’s going to be seven hours away from home, and that will be hard. But OLSWA will be my home away from home, and I know that I will likely one day come back to Sarnia to live and work and possibly raise children of my own (and get into the messy but wonderful business of politics!) - unless, of course, I end up in a religious community somewhere.

love always,


Just a suggestion, start school with the scholarship and later transfer to the other school when it is available. No education is ever wasted…but money can be.


I was told by someone who attended the school that it was a very hard place for her to be; that they taught a lot of things about the faith just plain wrong and it was hard to sort out truth and Church Teaching from just teacher’s opinion - there were prayer vigils to support theologians that were opposing the Church’s official position on various issues - things like that. That’s why I’m a little edgy concerning the school with the scholarship.

I am a neophyte. newly baptized. only Catholic in my family. who would I bring my questions to if they teach me things wrong?

OLSWA - all the teachers make an oath of fealty to the Pope - apparently very well reputed for teaching Catholic doctrine well.

but, this other school - the one with the scholarship - it’s connected to a seminary. a school closely linked with a seminary and known secularly for its Catholicity - can’t be that far wrong, can it? to have vigils in support of heretical teachings? misteachings that are serious in nature?

I don’t know… I never make decisions based on fears, but this time, it seems almost like a valid thing to do.

I just don’t want to lose my cats, who I can take with me to the school that I’ve been warned against - and who I cannot take with me to OLSWA as the only option that far away would be residence for first year.

love always


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