I must confess: I am an extremist!


Well, at least according to a report issued by the Ministry of Homeland Security.

I am an extremist too!

I didn’t read the article but I most likely would be considered to be an extremist as well. And frankly, I’m proud of it! :thumbsup:

Abortion is considered mainstream now. Anybody that stresses that life is being destroyed is at the other extremity of the mainstream belief that this is a simple medical procedure that involves a woman and her doctor only.

Personally, I was quite surprised that pointing out that Obama supported infants being born alive being treated as just a stage of abortion wdid not raise a little shock amongst liberal Catholics at least.

But nary anyone even batted an eye over the irrefutable proof of this claim. Even that didn’t raise a liberal Catholic’s eye.

Such views as Obama’s hence are not extremist, so those who would point this kind of thing out are extremist. A majority of even Catholics would not change their vote, even if they knew how libreal his pro-abortion stance is

Exposing Obama in this way is extremist.These words alone are exposing Obama to hatred, according to the mainstream point of view. We may not be violent terrorists ourselves, but we are providing the fuel for those who may resort to violence.

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