I need a catholic or Christian who is unprejudiced who can help me with my sins

Before I begin, I’m not trolling I legitimately want help with this issue and I’m begging for it. I know nothing about the Catholic church as the last time I went I was a little boy. I went into a church during mass last winter and I did so many things that could be considered so disrespectful to Jesus or God. I didn’t bow before sitting down, I just grabbed the body of christ from the guys hand, (I didn’t know you had to put your hands out), I didn’t pray, I didn’t sing, I just felt… so out of place. Like I didn’t belong there, like I’ve committed so much sin during my life and fell out of the glory of god. I didn’t belong there and I know that I don’t belong in the kingdom of heaven.

I sought a meeting with the Pastor and we met 3 days later. I confessed that I didn’t believe in god and that I’ve did so much wrong, I confessed so many different things and had so many different questions for him. Like how everyone was going to hell for being different, how so many homosexuals were going to hell (I’m not homosexual but I’m not prejudiced against them), and I guess most of all how I was going to hell for being so horrible and not believing in god due to lack of evidence.

I didn’t bring up the topic of masturbation because my mother was present but I have a feeling I knew what my pastor would have said about that (That it’s a sin I’ll have to ask him someday)

Do you know what he told me? He told me that none of those people are going to hell and that I wasn’t either. Because when we die, we get one final chance at retribution, to truly feel sorry for what we’ve done, to truly accept Jesus as our savior, and . He also said not to believe what I read on the internet because a lot of people and pastors tend to “go overboard”. He said that god was holy, he said that god was good (even greater than my mom who was and is the greatest person in my life), and that our lord was merciful. He gave me prayer beads and told me to use them and our meeting ended with me feeling better. I attended church two more times in a row and then “gave up again”. During those two times though, I learned everything I needed to learn. I made no mistakes (that I was aware of) and he welcomed me into his church like a son and still to this day misses me not attending.

This obviously is the kind of pastor we need in every single Catholic church and it’s a shame we don’t have more of them.

6 months passed and I believed his words. I then went on the internet again and of course, saw warnings about how if I didn’t believe in god I was going to hell I read stories about people who went to hell without trial or conviction. Jesus just “threw them in the lake of fire”. Then quite conveniently Jesus told them all to write books and profit from their journey to hell. Possible I suppose except for one thing. Jesus was portrayed to be this horrible prejudiced man. The Jesus that I’ve loved and learned about over the years since I was a child was unprejudiced, loved everyone, and tried to teach as many people as possible to love their neighbor as much as they loved him and themselves. He didn’t tell every single person that they were going to hell, and he didn’t command people to follow him, they followed and joined him on their own accord! Think of the Apostle who denied Jesus so many times. He later became one of the apostles! If Jesus was prejudiced and hated “different” people do you really think he would have given him that chance?

Anyway… I’m raving. I believed at that point what I read on the internet and I got scared. I talked to nobody in particular about why this was so and why this Jesus was so different than the one I was taught about so many years ago. And… he answered me. Not in vocal form but I could feel it in my heart, he was there in the room with me and I can’t explain why or how I knew it, but I did. I then confessed everything I had ever done (see below), and how sorry I was for those things, and I said it was hard for me to believe in god because there was no evidence, and that from that moment on I will try to believe, be good, and accept him into my heart as my lord and savior. There was one promise I made that day that I never fell up on but I’m trying to resolve that it’s very hard.

I then asked him if certain people were in hell and my answers were yes and no. He said almost exactly what my pastor had told me and that one day I would be able to play video games with my father in the afterlife. And that my father was a massive sinner too and one day Jesus would give him the chance my pastor talked about. He said yes and that one day I will be able to experience all of my wildest dreams with the one man who was never a father. He never gave me the light of day. . I made him promise me so, and he did.

That same night I had a dream that changed my outlook and my life forever. I was in the sky and then I could see this great big ball of light, all of my depression, all of my sins, all of my hatred was wiped away. I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire light and I knew the holy spirit was inside of me and then I woke up.

I know this was not a typical dream and I’ll explain. I have sleep apnea and have had it since I was eighteen years old. I therefore have NEVER had a dream since I was about that age. If I ever had a dream it was a nightmare of some sort and this happened probably three or four times a year. The rest of my sleep time was/is black.

This “dream” cemented my belief in god and of the holy spirit because I knew it wasn’t a dream. I knew it wasn’t

I can’t remember the 100% specifics of this other dream. I can’t 100% remember the specifics of the first one either though but what I do remember was Jesus himself came to me in this dream.

I could see his face and he took me to different places and I can’t remember 100% what places they were but the last place he took me was to a girls house and he “set me up” with this girl and told me I needed to “get laid”. I do remember this part.

If this particular dream is true. It would cement that the bible is wrong and that what most people are preaching currently in churches across the globe is untrue. But there was something a little odd about this particular dream. While I did feel the same happiness as I did in the previous dream, I actually saw Jesus’s face. His words of “You need to get laid” and trying to set me up with a girl made me doubt things also.

It makes me think that maybe… my soul is doomed. Maybe, Jesus told me “I need to get laid” and showed me all of these things because he abandoned me and gave up on me. I didn’t follow through on the one promise that I made to him and he thinks that there’s no other hope for me so he’ll advise me to commit adultery (idk if he told me to marry this girl I can’t remember) and that basically I have a free ride as a bipolar christian (he didn’t say that it’s my assumption). I don’t believe in free rides but I don’t know what to think of the bible either. It’s all strange. It’s that or parts of the bible are wrong. Or it was an evil spirit that told me these things and not Jesus himself.

I don’t know what to think of the bible. It seems to be so massively flawed and the fact that it was written by a group of men makes me doubt it even further. I mean… why is it so ambiguous? If it really were the words of our lord wouldn’t it be flawless? Wouldn’t it directly say “This is a sin don’t do it” instead of skate around the subject? I do however, believe in the ten commandments and try to obey them as much as possible. I’ve broken three but I’m attempting to fix them. I just don’t know how. We all know about the “accept Jesus as your savior and you’ll be saved” but is this good enough?

I’ve done this before and love Jesus with all of my heart and I’ve always believed in Jesus even after my “conversion” into atheism. My problems when I was an atheist are gone now and my first dream made me think I had hope. And then the strange second dream occured.and yes, I rejoined the lord and Jesus out of fear and some things I read the internet. But what “Born again” christian hasn’t?

So that’s my problem/story. Now, I’ll confess to my sins over the course of my life. Some of these will be mortal, some of these will be venial. But these for sure, are sins that I want and need repentance for.

I am an asexual who has no desire in sexual intercourse nor do I have any intentions of getting a wife or a girlfriend or having sex.

I have a, let’s say for the sake of not embarrassing myself and perhaps letting people think I’m a troll again, a pornography addiction. I masturbate probably once every 3-4 weeks it’s a pretty low sex drive to be honest.

I have stolen at least 6 times over the course of my lifetime (I’m 27). I’ve gotten forgiveness for all of them from the people that my thievery has affected and I’ve confessed them to Jesus and begged for forgiveness for them. I “thought” that they were forgiven but there’s… idk doubts.

I download stuff from the internet due to lack of funds. So I commit Piracy sometimes. I’ve never sought repentance for this sin before.

These are things that I do and have done that are mixed among my christian friends and family and members of the forums I don’t know for sure if they’re sins or not: I know probably half of you are going to say these are sins and half of you are not and I’m really not going to know what to do nor am I sure what to do. But they are:

I roleplay, I watch Anime, I enjoy reading manga and I haven’t cosplayed before but I want to.

I play video games on a regular basis, sometimes violent video games. I like playing war games like Age Of Empires, Total War, World Of Warcraft… etc.

I have computer addiction.

I enjoy reading controversial things like Harry Potter and LOTR …etc. I love to read.

Do you think our Lord will forgive me for any of this? How do I go about repentance? Just confessing my sins on this message board and confessing everything to Jesus? Did Jesus really tell me that he was going to give my father another chance and that someday I’ll be able to play video games with him in the afterlife? When Jesus “visited” me in a dream and told me to “get laid” was it really Jesus or a evil Spirit? Is my pastor wrong or possibly an antichrist or spirit of the devil? Because he’s saying things that so many people here and on the internet say are “no no’s” Just… so many questions that I’m losing sleep over. I don’t want to go to hell I want to spend eternity with God and Jesus and my family and have my Bipolar cured forever. I want to experience god’s glory like I had in that dream, I want… this hell to be over with.

God bless and thank you for reading this wall of text. Hopefully you can help me with my problems and lead me down the “right” path. I apologize for the double post but it wouldn’t fit.

God bless you all.

Jesus would never tell you to do something immoral, period. He would never tell you to sin. Do NOT listen to that dream or put any faith in it. Realize that even Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light.

If you get a spirit, or dream, telling you to do something immoral, you know right there it can’t be of God.

Your pastor can’t tell you with any certainty who is, or who isn’t, in heaven with the possible exception of the good thief, and the saints. We don’t know. We were told NOT to judge. Saying someone’s in heaven is judging.

Your priest needs to hear your confessions.

As to the Bible, it’s one of those kinds of things that you can’t do shallowly. If you are going to drink, you would almost need to drink deeply, or not at all. The Bible is VERY profound, but you would need to get involved in it, study it to understand it.

If you think of the Bible as flawed, then you would also possibly be like one of the people who saw Christ and couldn’t understand his wisdom, thinking his word as so much nonsense and foolishness.

In Christ’s own time, Christ spoke in parables, explaining the real meaning to the disciples, to fulfill prophecy that they would have eyes but not see, ears but not hear. He only revealed the truth to those who he chose, for his own reasons, his own wisdom.


seems like you have a lot on your plate.

i’m honestly concerned about what your priest said. it is not atholic teaching that we will have one final chance after we die. people who reject God until the end probably dont want to be with him anyways.

you are struggling with many issues, i think you need to take them one at a time. and try not to be scrupulous.

video games are not a sin unless you overindulge in them (as with anything else). reading the books you mentioned is not a sin because it is fiction and i’m sure you know it is not real. and even if there is some questionable material in them to some people (like use of magic) there are good moral lessons that can be learned from them. magic isn’t realy anyways so i wouldn’t worry about it. the authors aren’t even writing about our own world, it’s generally a different kind of earth where those things are possible and in our world, they are not. even jesus told parables sometimes that weren’t necessarily based off completely true stories.

the church is not condemning homosexuals; feeling atraction for someone of the same sex is not necessarily a sin initself. only homosexual acts are considered sin just like premarital sex because sex is reserved for marriage and marriage is oly between a man and a woman because the catholic view of marriage encompasses being open to llllife which a homosexual union obviously can’t be. same thing for masturbation, it is essentially selfish gratification using something which should be reserved for your spouse. and also you are kind of wasting precious seed that God has given you unnecessarily. and don’t worry about not necessarily doing the right gestures at mass; those will come along. keep going to confession, it will help. you are on the right track so try not to beat yourself up too much.

You’ve got a lot crammed into a couple posts. One thing at a time, my friend.

LOTR is one of the most Catholic novels of the modern era. Tolkien was a devout believer. I know this is a small point, but it stuck out to me.

As for the rest, you need the healing of Christ through the Sacrament of Confession. Please see a priest!

I’m going to let someone else touch this. Welcome to this part of the internet. The only thing I’ll offer up publicly, is that you need to find a new priest.

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You need to be better informed on the true teachings of the Catholic Church. Try and get a copy of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” and a Catholic Bible and start reading them. You can make an appointment with the priest, anytime you want, to discuss any questions or concerns you have with what you read. Stay away from non-Catholic sources, they are only confusing you. The Holy Spirit is calling you to the Catholic Church, Welcome Home! :grouphug:

One thing to keep in mind, dear one. God certainly has spoken to mankind through dreams before. It is even found within the Bible as an occasional means of communication. And can you or I or our cousin receive some sort of “message” or revelation from God in a dream? Surely. We can also receive some sort of “message” or revelation from the Enemy in a dream as well.

Typically, a dream is just that: a dream.

But the number one rule of thumb for determining if a “personal revelation” we have received is from God or not is verifying it against the Bible. If it is contrary to what was written, then it was either A) just a dream or B) coming from the Enemy. Either way, heed no attention to it. In your case, the answer is: heed no attention. Christ can not contradict Himself.

Will Jesus forgive you of your sins? Yes!! He would still the whole universe and turn it upside down if that was necessary to help you find Him!! Speak with your priest. We are all sinners. We are all sick and in need of a good Doctor. The best medicine for us is found in the Sacraments. My prayers are with you, dear one.

And please note, just a commentary on your name of choice: There is no sin in being a self proclaimed Geek. :smiley: Your books, games, hobbies, these are not inherently sinful. (That excludes of course the pornography and masturbation, which are very grave sins indeed). Turning one’s heart and mind toward God doesn’t remove the geekiness–trust me, I know this. But even in these secular enjoyments, one can honor our Lord. :thumbsup:

I thought so, It must have been either just a dream, (I do have them randomly 4-5 times a year or so) or not from Christ at all and something much more evil. Like I said, I’m asexual anyway so it wouldn’t be a problem. I wanted a second opinion on that though. I know the first one was from Christ since it was just the ball of light you hear lots of people talking about and I felt that happiness that many people describe with encounters with god/christ. I believe that one to be legit but the second one was kinda of… yeah odd.

I agree that my pastor can’t say for sure. I guess what made me love him so much was that he didn’t show much prejudice to me. I confessed to him some really bad things (not murder or anything but bad) that I actually didn’t mention in this topic nor will I be mentioning. I like him as a person that I can talk to and while he did and does everything in his power to fight gay marriage he doesn’t think the idea of homosexual union is such a bad thing. Marriage was something god created to be between a man and a woman so they can copulate and have children together. So, I like that part. I think people should have the right to be homosexual if they want to, regardless if they’ll really go to hell or not. That is between them and god.

Anyway, no I do not think of his words as foolishness but let me put it this way to you. In church he is portrayed as this man who loves everyone and has no prejudice at all. He didn’t force people to follow him and like is taught into today’s churches . That was the Jesus I knew or thought I knew as a child. It was the Jesus I was taught about as a child in church. Then these stories hang around the internet about him having all kinds of prejudices and throwing people in the lake of fire for (forgive me I’m not telling god how to run things or anything this is personal opinion and conjecture) silly reasons.

Adultery,Murder,Lying,Coveting,Pre Marital sex…etc. . The entire ten commandments make sense. And then you look at the bible that looks like a book of children’s stories and that is yeah… so ambiguous it doesn’t say directly what Jesus and God want you to do and how you need to be for your entire life to get into heaven or what you need to do exactly to earn salvation. It skims over homosexuality, it doesn’t say it in detail for example. It talks about magic but nobody has believed in magic or practiced magic in over 600 years, it has an entire chapter written by the roman empire but the Romans didn’t believe in our god they believed in ceres,mars,venus,mercury…etc.
We’re told by people that every little thing is a sin against god but is it really? How do we know for sure? I think the last two popes have kind of pressed this point and tried to follow the path that my pastor is teaching in his church.

In no way did he ever tell me that the bible was false or that we didn’t need to accept god and Jesus into our hearts. He just said that god was merciful and forgiving. I like him because he shows no prejudice at all. He preaches the words of Jesus and God but he also will never show any prejudice no matter what you have done. I hear all kinds of stories about pastors refusing people into their churches because they’re satanic.

Again, I mean no disrespect it just seems like not the word of god or Jesus at all. But a book of childrens stories that were made up like the books of greek mythology or roman mythology. We know today that those books are just that, fiction. Do you see what I’m getting at? I’m not questioning god or Jesus I know they exist thanks to that dream, I’m questioning the men who wrote the 27 books of the bible. It sounds like they were massively prejudiced against homosexuals so they added that in, were afraid of magic because they believed in it at the time, and put in alot of those things for their own benefit. I had also said, that just because I’ve accepted Jesus into my life and want to earn his salvation and learn how to do it and what it involves to be a servant of god. That isn’t in the bible at all. I already said what my pastor said but I just want to make sure I’m 100% right or as lose to right as I can possibly be. So that when I die, I can attone for all of my sins because I sin just like the next man and have god say “I forgive you my son. Come with me so you can serve me for all eternity”. That’s what I want. The “playing video games with my father” is just an added bonus.

Anyway, everyone else who responded to the topic, It’s late and I’m going to bed. I’ll respond to you tomorrow morning. Thank you for your comments.

If your priest really told you that then he is either ignorant of what the Church actually teaches or he has committed heresy by rejecting an infallible teaching. Personally I think you probably did not hear correctly what he said or misunderstood what he said.
There is NO chance after death to repent. The state of your soul at death determines if you immediately go to Hell or are saved. This is an infallible Church teaching backed by the authority that God gave to the Church.

CCC 1022** Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death**, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven-through a purification or immediately,-- or immediate and everlasting damnation

CCC 1035 The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of Hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into Hell, where they suffer the punishments of Hell, “eternal fire.” The chief punishment of Hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs.

“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” I smell a troll.
Your mother was present during your confession? Was it family discount day?

You must be indeed disturbed by your religious condition to post such a scribe on the internet. I agree with other respondants on this thread that you really need to see a priest, not necessarily the Pastor you cited in your missive…and this time, without your mother present. You must face up to this as a man, not a little boy.

Maybe if you call the parish and ask, you would be able to join the RCIA class, or maybe they have a program for returning Catholics. I think you may have had trouble understanding what your priest was saying because you don’t have enough background knowledge, or maybe he was trying to simplify for you and the teaching of the Church was lost in that attempt. Or, maybe he is in error himself.

But the thing is, you seem to want to know everything at once! It would be like my saying I want to know all about arithmetic and geometry and algebra and calculus… can you explain the delta thing? What’s up with logarithms? How exactly does one multiply? what does this sign mean in the quadratic equation? All while not being quite sure that 2+2=4!

Just as with math, you need to start at the beginning and work your way through. That way you will have the background knowledge and understanding needed for the more “advanced” parts.

Here are two links to online materials:

A page on which are linked the sections of several catechisms, including the current CCC, under the appropriate topic, so if you are studying one topic in one, you can easily find alternate explanations.

I normally wouldn’t include this one for a “beginner,” but it has narrative explanations for many things, so it may be helpful to you:
Radio Replies These were a series of collections of letters and answers to 2 Australian priests from the 1930s to the 1960s or so. These are excellent, and a bonus for me is I always feet like my mind has been sharpened up when I read them :slight_smile: Very thorough explanations of Catholic teaching, and often answering somewhat antagonistic questions and so an excellent resource for people who get a lot of questions about their Faith.

Where exactly are you getting your information about the Catholic church online?


video games are not a sin unless you overindulge in them (as with anything else).

There are people here in the forums and various churches that would disagree with you. The question I guess would be, does God disagree with us as well? I’m trying to please
who only wants the best for me. I can’t even give that in return. I commit so many sins and so much filth that it feels like ther’s nowhere to go that it’s a long black hole. I don’t think Jesus would forgive me for the number one sin that I’ve commited that like I said, I probably won’t reveal on these forums for a long time or at all. I’ve talked to my pastor about it and he says I was forgiven and should seek counseling for it and I haven’t really… done it since. But it still exists in my heart, it’s something that I cannot take away or seems like it’s unforgivable or “incurable”. Anyway, I do overindulge in video games, I struggle with video game and computer addiction but am working on it. They don’t take over my life but I do spent large ammounts of time on the computer and playing video games (over 10 hours a day).

magic isn’t real anyways so I wouldn’t worry about it

You’re right, we know now today that magic is not real. And there are good morals to be learned from these books of fiction as they were written by Catholic Author’s themselves. However, if the bible is true it does state quite plainly that magic or the practice of magic is a massive sin in god’s eyes.
While I’m not practicing magic physically am I practicing magic with my heart? By roleplaying and imagining that magic was real? Even though you know deep down in my heart I know that it really isn’t?

you are on the right track so try not to beat yourself up too much.

Thank you for your kind words.

homosexual acts are considered sin just like premarital sex

Right but this is how I always viewed homosexuality. If I’m wrong or ignorant please let me know. Homosexuals cannot help being homosexual.

I’m not a homosexual myself but I can definitely say that I’m not “normal” and did I just wake up one day and say “I think being a virgin for my entire life is a good idea and being shunned for it for my life?”. No, god created me Asexual and there’s a reason for it.

The fact remains that homosexuals were created for a reason. God didn’t just place homosexual animals and people here for no reason nor did they just wake up one day and say “I’m going to be homosexual”.

Homosexuals love each other just as much as heterosexuals love their partners or mixed race couples love their partners. You and my pastor are right about marriage being different and the current marriage laws being placed as we speak are worng. But they should have some kind of union ceremony or certificate or something.

I do think the entire act of homosexuals kissing or having intercourse with each other is disgusting and wrong but again, who am I to judge? I am not the lord, that is between them and the lord.

This is just my opinion though. Also, if homosexuals were not hated by the church why does the bible say that they deserve to be stoned to death? Even to this day? It didn’t get revised like people who didn’t own slaves deserved to be stoned to death. Case and point.


you need to find a new priest.

I’ll take that into consideration


Try and get a copy of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” and a Catholic Bible

One of these days I will read the bible from start to finish and “Get my own views from it” like I’ve been advised to do. I will purchase that book as soon as possible as well.


The first one was from Jesus and there was this odd feeling of knowing it was the second one yeah, was weird and I paid no attention to it. Especially when I’m asexual anyway.


Your mother was present during your confession? Was it family discount day?

No, my mother is merely top of my life and cares for me deeply. And I’m a “mama’s boy” so I wanted her there.

George Stegmeir:

You must face up to this as a man, not a little boy.

I’ve taken that into consideration.

St Francis:

Thank you for your comments and helpful links. I will read the all today.




I’ve read and skimmed all of those sites. I’ve also made previous posts here where people called me the devil and a troll when I asked simple questions. So it turned me off from posting here. The NDE’s I was referencing were random google searches and I don’t remember them all. One particular NDE that frightened me was:


That was my reason for posting on these forums and asking questions last night. She was saved by Jesus and God still would have sent her to hell and I was wondering why and started questioning my life. I’m saved but if I died tomorrow what would god’s reaction be …etc.

For everyone talking about my priest:

I must have misunderstood him. I don’t think you can even become a pastor if you do not believe in the bible or preach the word of god. Or perhaps he was trying to get me into his church regularly so he can teach me god’s ways and reconvert me since at the time, I stated that I was an atheist with a Catholic past.

For everyone else I didn’t reply to, I apologize if I replied to all of you this topic would be so massively large. I’ve read your comments and have taken them into consideration, I thank you for your kind words and god bless you.

Your mother was present during your confession? Was it family discount day?
No, my mother is merely top of my life and cares for me deeply. And I’m a “mama’s boy” so I wanted her there.

No, my mother is merely top of my life and cares for me deeply. And I’m a “mama’s boy” so I wanted her there**.

No matter how much of a mama’s boy you are, you didn’t have a confession if a third party is present, you had a counselling session.

If even half of what you are writing is true, you need to seek psychiatric help.

I never said it was a confessional it was a meeting. I made an appointment with the pastor to discuss things that were bothering me and that I read on the internet at the time. While I did confess sins to him, it wasn’t a confessional I apologize for the confusion.

But anyway, I already agree with both of you, that seeing my priest with my mother was like a little boy doing so and not having the courage to do so alone wasn’t being a man at all. I’m not a little boy any longer and need to “man up” totally agree. This was also last March or April and I consider myself more of a “man” now.

As for needing psychiatric help all I can say to that statement is “duh” obviously I am receiving psychiatric help and need to regularly see a counselor/see a psychiatrist if I’m bipolar. But seeing as I was asking mostly about the two “dreams” ,repentance and how to be a proper catholic I don’t see how my sanity or condition is relative to this topic/discussion.

Had no intention of making a troll post and if I did would I have even bothered writing an “encyclopedia” for everyone to read and waste 3-4 hours of my own time and life typing and replying? Would I have asked for help at all? Most troll posts on the internet are short sir. Never said I’ve never trolled before, but usually it’s in jesting and not in serious matters like this. I also suggest you look up the word trolling in the dictionary. Anyway, I’ve nothing more to say to you and if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this discussion, please don’t say anything at all. When you want to contribute to this thread, I’ll respond to your suggestions. Thank you.

Geeks… If you want to learn about Carholicism, you need to find some orthodox Catholic sites :slight_smile: Avoid the Protestant sites: at best their theology differs, at worst they are terribly anti-Catholic!!!

Also, avoid the near-death experiences… these have various causes some of which may be demonic, so they are not accurate portrayals of the truth.

You’re welcome for the links. Try to focus on one topic at a time, use one for your primary reading (I like the Baltimore Catechism), and go to the ohers when you don’t understand what the one is saying. Each volume of the Radio Replies is set up along the same lines as the catechisms, with much fuller explanations.

If you still have trouble with a concept, ask either at your church or here at CAF. I think that if you learn bit by bit, and don’t let yourself become distracted, then eventually your questions will be answered and you will have the background to understand the answers.

Also, as Catholics, we believe that we are always in movement either towards or away from Christ. So, for a time we may be close to God, but then move away from Him. If we get too far away, like by making drugs more important than God (as described in your story) then we can end up falling so far away from Him that we lose Him altogether! Catholics have the sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) which allows us to very clearly restore our relationship with God.

Pray for faith!

A prayer we say before starting our catechism studies:

*Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.*

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