I need a free blessed rosary


Could someone please send me a free blessed rosary? I can’t buy a rosary, because I’m poor and don’t have any money.

I have a lot of problems and need a blessed rosary desperately.

Thank you, and God bless you.


I thought we covered this. I’m confused.

Have you looked on the internet? There are many apostolates that send people free blessed

Hi Kari,

it appears u actually have a thread on this here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=900988, which u made a couple days ago, so creating another thread wasn’t really necessary. Usually what’s done if u want more responses, is to “bump” the original thread back to the top of the sub-forum by making a post saying “bump”.

Anyway, are u able to visit a Catholic church from where u live? If u are, I’m pretty sure if u asked the pastor of any church, he’d be able to get u one for free and bless it for u as well.

God bless! :slight_smile:

Send me a Personal Message, via CAF with your address and I will pick one up, have it blessed, and mail it to you.

Peace and all Good!

how many can one person ask for, if you truly needed one you could ask you parish priest , thats how i got one and plus i get a feeling you are collecting them for other reasons. especially when last time you asked for a hot pink one.


If you can’t get a free rosary, you can buy one from many US sites for under a dollar - I just did a search for budget rosaries and found a site straight away. I sympathise with your financial situation, but I find it hard to imagine that anyone with a computer couldn’t afford 89 cents!

Hi everyone. A blessed rosary has been mailed to the OP today. According to all her special requests. Many young people like to have a colorful rosary. it’s fine. I have been satisfactorily assured that this person truly wants one, needs one, and will pray with it.
I hope it brings her peace and many blessings through Our Lady.

This is the second thread in which you have made this request.

I’m curious about your " I’m poor and don’t have any money" comment. Where did you get the computer on which you are making this request?

You can use a computer at a library.

My question was not directed to you. Now the OP will read your comment and give me the same reply.

Have you not realized that she is likely a child? (The OP, that is) that is why she had no money and wants a hot pink rosary.

Why are you speculating? You have no clue how old the OP is!

There could be millions of different reasons - all valid - why this person is appearing ‘suspicious’. She says she has a lot of problems and needs a Rosary. Who are we to judge? Thank you pianistclaire for so quickly attending to this need. Bless you!

Thank you, I’m happy to make one for anyone who wants one. That’s what I do in my spare time. Young girls often like them in what many people would consider “funky colors”. The prayers all pray the same, whether cord, or wood or metal, or semi precious stones, or bright crystals.
I sort of feel like Our Lady smiles on anyone who prayers her Rosary any way they can…even on their small fingers.

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