I need a language lesson re RCIA Sponsors

I am writing up a document for our RCIA sponsors, which is an outline of what we expect them to do for our RCIA participants here at our parish.

I know that the RCIA participants, when referring to their sponsors, will say, “My sponsor is [John Smith],” just for example.

But what does the sponsor say when speaking about the RCIA participant? “My ?] is [Jane Doe].”

I need the word that goes into where the ?] is right now.

Any ideas?

The actual sentence in the document is, "Sponsors are expected to keep in touch with their ?]s on a regular basis. … "

how about:
novice (maybe not)



An unbaptised person going through RCIA is a Catechumen, a baptised person going through RCIA is a Candidate.

May God bless your work in evangelising and growing His Church.

“Initiates” could be it?

“Please keep in touch with your initiates” - not quite?

This, I already know.

Is there a word that encompasses both?

That’s the word I need.

I have been using the phrase “RCIA participant” for general statements, but when speaking of the sponsor/participant relationship, is there a more fitting word than “participant”? The phrase “your participant” sounds awkward and vague, to my ear.

'Your candidate" sounds better, except that “candidate” is already taken, to refer only to those who have already been baptized.

May God bless your work in evangelising and growing His Church.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

'Your Confirmandi" - hmm - possibly. This is the closest to what I’m trying to convey so far, I think.

It’s still just a shade awkward, though. (I’m very picky, aren’t I?)

We just always used the correct terms Catechumen or Candidate, i.e., Sponsors are to meet weekly with their Catechumen or Candidate.

I’m resisting that because it’s awkward and long, and needs a footnote, and at this point in the document I am not wanting to drift them off the main subject into a footnote - I want them to be 100% focused on learning what they are supposed to be doing for the RCIA participants.

I could maybe just say “your assigned RCIA participant,” or else just “the RCIA participant,” since that’s the term I’ve been using throughout the rest of the document. :shrug:

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

The Elect or Inquirers?

Inquirers. Thank you!! :thumbsup:

I knew someone here would know what I was thinking of. :smiley:

“My ?] is [Jane Doe].” It should be “I’m a Sponsor for Jane Doe”

“Sponsors are expected to keep in touch with their [Inquirer, Catechumen or Candidate] on a regular basis…”

An Inquirer is someone who is NOT a Candidate or Catechumen yet.

These three terms Inquirer, Catechumen and Candidate are not interchangable and cannot be grouped into a single general category.

This term is used for a practicing Catholic seeking Confirmation.

You could always drop the “i”, making it Confirmand - i.e. someone waiting to be confirmed. That would be the correct English (as opposed to Latin) usage. It would sound odd though.

I ended up going with “RCIA participant.”

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:

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