i need a list of all american saints and blesseds


I need a list of all american saints and blesseds can anyone help me with this?:confused:

all for JESUS!!:yup:



A GOOGLE search turned this up as the first link. It appears to be complete, listing saints, blesseds and venerables, and telling something about their lives. There is an update at the bottom of the page which seems recent.


It isn’t easy for the Church to keep up with saints.

Paul W’s quoted web has an update near the bottom of the page.

Blessed Father Damian is now two steps along (out of three). I browsed the Vatican web site to find Regina Coeli, 4 June 1995. Translating it using Altvista’s Babel Fish (Italian to English) shows (point 2) that Pope John Paul II declared “… Gioisci for Damiano Father!”

I think Father Damian must have treasured the lessons he learned from the book of Tobit and perhaps thought of Tobit often. Father Damian built coffins by hand and buried more than 700 victims of leprosy. Tobit was well known for his strong desire to provide decent burial for Jews (at great risk).

I spent the summer of 1976 in Honolulu Hawaii. At the end of the summer, I went on a tour with some friends. We visited the Kalapapa Peninsula leper colony. There were still scores of patients with Hansen’s disease there at that time. Our guide had disfigured fingers, toes and ear lobes. And cloths between his fingers and toes. A miracle of faith to me was this: that Father Damian went to the leper colony knowing that he would not leave alive. With eyes of faith I read Father Damian’s unwritten autobiography as our guide showed us around. I was incurably impressed (and at the time I wasn’t Roman Catholic).

The lepers still loved Father Damian because he loved them - and he loved them because Christ first loved him. Agape love.

The State of Hawaii fully recognized Father Damian’s Sainthood with its placement in 1969 of Father Damian’s statue into the National Statuary Hall Collection (located in US Capital House connecting corridor, first floor).

The Pope didn’t say venerable until 1977. I never heard any “Separation of Church and State” complaint that Hawaii shouldn’t have put Father Damian in the hall. His statue is quite unique and stands out dramatically. It really is something to see (if you visit Washington DC).


Another site is


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