I need a picture (desktop wallpaper)


I am not quite sure whether this is the right forum for this topic, but anyway.

I have heard Jason Evert’s talks on chastity and I want to implement them in my life. So I need a picture of a man proposing to a woman, which will be my desktop wallpaper. That picture will always remind me how my body is a precious gift for my bride and how I should keep myself pure for her.

I tried searching on google, but I didn’t find any particularly impressive and decent pictures. Please provide me with some wonderful pics if you have them.



I couldn’t find exactly what you’re looking for, but I did find two images that are similar in theme and concept. To get the big versions of the images you have to sign up though (its free).


Two hands joined in marriage.


The silhouette of a man and a women at sunset.

Hope its a good start and you find what you’re looking for!





Couldn’t resist…


*Wow, I like Eucharisted 's last picture of the Catholic Wedding with the couple to be married, the Priest, server, and JESUS !!! It is perfect!!!
God Bless You!
Angel Face


I am currently using this pic as my wallpaper, which shows a man proposing to a woman. This might give you an idea as to what I am looking for.


If you have more pics like these please give me the links!


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