I need advice about an issue involving honesty


So I have a brother and the company he works for gave him a pedometer … I’m not sure exactly why they gave him a pedometer… but either way, my brother doesn’t like to walk or run that much, I on the other hand love to run… as a result my brother gave me his pedometer and asked me to please carry the pedometer with me whenever I’m running… and I said “yes, sure”… but about a week later it came to me that by doing such thing I was being dishonest and therefore was being guilty of a mortal sin… I already confessed my sin and have stopped carrying the pedometer when I go out to run… However I haven’t told my brother any of this! I don’t know how to tell him! he is a good brother who is always doing favors for me…

How should I tell him?

Thank you.

You haven’t committed any sin at all, i don’t know what you confessed. Pedometer wearing?

If he gave you the pedometer to use for your own enjoyment, nothing is wrong with that.

If his work is having some sort of contest (some employers sponsor wellness events throughout the year) then just tell him you cannot give him the pedometer to use in the contest because he did not earn the steps.

You can always remove the battery or otherwise reset it if he asks for it back.

I’m not sure why you think this is dishonest? My insurance company sent me a pedometer but I was under no obligation to keep it or use it. Is your brother in some sort of contest or something that you think he’s using you to cheat?

If your brother is using your pedometer activity to gain monetarily then it would be dishonest. If he said here, go run a 10k while wearing this and then give it back to me or download the info as if he were the one getting the steps it would be dishonest. My old company used to have benchmarks to hit on the pedometer for a health challenge. The money can be quite serious, 500 every three months or so. Plus a much larger number if you get insurance breaks for participating.

If he is not using your numbers then no harm no foul.

My insurance co. gave me a retractable dog leash with a light on it for points earned.

Why is it dogs like to chew on the retractable cable that leads to the handle? They don’t last long when that happens.

In companies these days they are more health conscious than they used to be.

Off topic, but research is showing that for every $1 invested in employee wellness programs the companies save only 50¢ in healthcare costs.

P’raps they thought he was malingering and are using the pedometer to check his step during work.

If he has a desk job, then all bets are off.

There is absolutely no sin there at all. Why on earth would you think you had sinned?

Thanks everyone for your answers… I’m confused…so do most of you think it’s 's not a sin if I continue using my brother’s pedometer whenever I go out for a run?

Hoosier daddy… Thank you for your reply. I dont know whether my brother is gaining monetary benefits whenever I wear the pedometer but I know that the other day he asked me back for his pedometer for a few minutes while he downloaded some information from the pedometer into his cellphone.

Yes, this is indeed dishonest then. He is using your steps for either monitary gain or discounts on insurance rates. You should have asked him about it why didn’t you.
Many workplaces offer a pedometer health program with prizes or discounts. He is using your steps as his to cheat the system. Now do you have to take a poll if that is sinful or not?
Ask your brother what your " cut" is and see what he says.

I agree, if he needs to download information from it, then it sure sounds like he’s using the information dishonestly, since you are not the one for whom it was intended. :frowning: I’d ask him about it directly. If there is no plausible, appropriate reason that he would be downloading YOUR steps to HIS phone (and I can’t think of any), I’d also tell him, “I don’t appreciate you using me like that.”

And I certainly wouldn’t use his pedometer any more.

I ’ d use it at home…only…after office…and return it to him ,with a bag of chips and a sticky : " Your turn ! Beat my record,bro ! ":wink:

That still gives him the opportunity to use the OP’s information as his own. I don’t see how that could help with the moral issue here (perhaps you didn’t read the whole thread?). :confused:

They are brothers.
Catholicguy can let his brother know he will not be used any longer and get his brother to do the right thing without a speech about morality.
If I returned the pedometer to one of mine , I would use it just to go to the restroom.and return , let him know and leave it at his door with a.message.he ’ d get…so as not to even think about using me for that .
It may not sound very orthodox ,I know ,but we get along well and also have our arguments…
We do not go about with long speeches with my brothers. To the point ,we get it and life goes on.
But of course it depends on him and their style of relationship…:shrug:

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